Top Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Renovation on Budget

Top Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Renovation on Budget
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Whether you're building a new home and planning your bathroom from scratch, giving your existing bathroom an overhaul or building an extension - chances are, unless you've won the euro millions, you'll have a budget. We can all get carried away putting our wish lists for a renovation together but setting realistic goals an expectations - and a spending cap - from the beginning can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank. Here are our tips for putting together a bathroom renovation on a budget.

1. Speak to your plumber

You might have a specific look in mind or want a particular layout, but speak to your plumber or bathroom installer before setting your heart on anything. Planning is key to any bathroom project. Some options are simply more expensive than others. Changing the layout of your bathroom might not be as simple or as cheap as you think as moving waste pipes or key elements of your plumbing might not be an option. Having a proper plan from a professional from the beginning will remove any room for costly mistakes.

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2. take all costs into consideration

Here at SONAS Bathrooms we are also conscious of keeping our prices transparent. That's why our catalogue prices are clearly marked with the VAT included. We don't like surprises and know that people building their homes or renovating their bathrooms don't like them either. Especially when it comes to hidden costs. So check the product descriptions to see what's included. The reason why items like taps are priced separately is because people like to choose their own and therefore have more of a say into the overall look of their products. Some of our vanity units have basins included in the price, or click clack waste, for example. Check the product descriptions so that you're absolutely clear on what you need to get.

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3. Go pro

Don't be tempted to do a DIY bathroom renovation. The bathroom is a central room in your home and one in which you'll spend lots of time. It's for both getting ready for the day ahead or kicking back and relaxing in the bath to soak away the stresses of one. You could spend your hard earned cash on beautiful bathroom products. But if you skimp on installation, the overall look and vibe of your room just won't cut it. Shoddy tiling, a bad waterproofing job or simply poor plumbing could ruin all your efforts.



4. Price around

As well as getting a professional to do the job for you, make sure you price around and find the right one. Word of mouth recommendations are an excellent way to find suitable tradespeople. If you can, check out their references and have a look at examples of their previous work. The cheapest quote won't always give you the best value. Speak to experts at your local SONAS Bathrooms retailers as they may have a list of local, reliable installers.

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5. Accessories

Your accessories are key to finishing off your bathroom and giving it a polished look. Our accessories come with 10 year guarantees so won't end up getting rusted or tarnished. You might pay a little bit more for them in the beginning but they're made to last and the warranties will give you the peace of mind to know that they were money well spent. Adding things like art and splashes of colour to your bathroom - whether it be through a plant or some scented candles. This will also add a touch of personality to the bathroom, giving it a polished feel. These little finishing touches don't have to break the bank either.

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Whatever your budget, SONAS Bathrooms has plenty of choice in bathroom furniture and accessories to help you create a bathroom that's stylish and of top quality. Contact us today and let us help you create the bathroom of your dreams.