Sustainability Strategy

Our Sustainability Strategy for 2024-2026 is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is built on four core pillars: Operating Environment, Supporting People, Responsible Production, and Integrated Sustainability. This approach ensures that Sustainability is integrated into every aspect of our business.

Sustainability Strategy 2024-2026

Sustainability at SONAS

Water-Saving Products

The average home can save 100,000 litres of water per year by choosing SONAS products approved by the Unified Water Label.

*Based on 4 users in a home with 3 bathrooms. Methodology from The Water Calculator

HAKK Eco taps

Basin Mixers

Choose our water-saving basin mixers, such as the HAKK collection with a flow rate of 5l/min.

ALITA Eco Showers


Reduce water-consumption in showers, with ALITA Exposed Showers from a flow rate of 6l/min.

PENA Eco Toilets


Select Eco-Flush toilets such as PENA & VIA toilets operating on an average 3l flush (4/2.6l dual flush).

Energy Consumption

Our Sustainable credentials extend beyond our product design. Here is an insight to steps we are taking to improve our operations.

Sustainable Bathrooms

As members of the Irish Green Building Council, we actively promote more Sustainable Bathroom Solutions. Read about how you can achieve a stylish bathroom while specifying Eco-Friendly SONAS products.

Sustainable Products from SONAS

3 Ways to a Sustainable SONAS Bathroom

Reduce waste, save energy, and explore water-saving products for your eco-friendly bathroom

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Saving water with SONAS

Save up to 100,000 litres of water in a year

SONAS Bathrooms sustainable bathroom has water and energy-saving bathroom products.

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Dun Oir Development

Achieving Water Saving Targets

Discover how Dun Oir development achieved HPI Certification by achieving water saving targets

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Eco Solutions from SONAS

Tips for an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Discover how you can make your bathroom more eco-friendly

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Sustainable Taps

SONAS ALITA - Sustainable & Stylish

SONAS ALITA range offers modern basin mixers & shower valves. ALITA range will reduce water and energy consumption.

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