What is Rimless Design Technology

RIMLESS DESIGN Technology provides an ultra-hygienic solution for your bathroom. With no hidden rim, there is simply nowhere for germs to hide. The rimless design also means no rim shadow which looks fantastic as well as making it easier to clean.

How does Rimless Technology work?

The specially designed distributor directs the water around the bowl to effectively clean all areas every time resulting in a totally clean and efficient flush.

Rimless Technology

With no hidden rim on the bowl we have eliminated difficult to clean areas.

No place for dirt and germs

No recesses where dirt and bacteria can accumulate, which means the toilet remains clean and maintains the highest standards of hygiene.

Easy cleaning

Toilets are extremely easy to keep clean, without strong detergents and without effort.

Innovative water flushing system

Innovative water circulation helps ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, the water easily washes the whole interior of the bowl, thoroughly flushing it.

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