Choosing a toilet: our tips

Choosing a toilet: our tips
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The throne. The bog. The jacks. The loo. Whatever you choose to call it, the toilet is a fundamental piece of your home. It's probably not something you might expend much thought on. And you might not think of it as the centrepiece of your home. Yet when the time comes to upgrade or buy a replacement, there are more than a few factors you should consider before choosing a toilet.
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The humble toilet has evolved in recent years. It's gone from the standard issue that's been visible in households all over the country for decades, to a product that has so many different variations. We have floor standing, wall hung, close coupled, fully shrouded, rimless, toilets with concealed cisterns, short projection toilets, ones with comfort height , vintage really do have oodles of choice.
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Size Matters...

When considering a purchase, first you need to think about the room itself. If your bathroom is on the small side, for example, you don't want your toilet to eat up all valuable space.  An ideal solution is a short projection loo. The toilet's location is also something to think about: is it in the centre of the room or is it in a corner? Think about things like your door, the entrance to your shower etc. Measuring your space versus the footprint of your toilet is key.
short projection toilet
Once you've decided on the layout of your bathroom, you'll need to figure out if you're going with floor standing or wall mounted. Talk to your plumber as lots needs to be taken into consideration. Where are your waste pipes? Are you attaching the toilet to brick or is the wall slabbed? You need an expert to discuss it all with you well in advance of starting your project. Wall  mounted toilets need a special bracket and frame so your toilet can be hung securely from it.
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Rim or no rim?

After you've figured out that much, you should definitely think about other features on your loo. For example, rimless technology offers an ultra-hygienic solution for your bathroom.  With no hidden rim, there is nowhere for germs to hide. It also means no rim shadow and it is easier to clean, while the specially designed distributor directs the water around the bowl to effectively clean all areas every time. You really do get a clean and efficient flush. There's even a space-saving short projection rimless design and you can consider low or high level cisterns or concealed cistern choices.
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Go Green...

It is estimated that 30% of the water used in an average home uses is for toilet flushing. This makes it the second highest use of water domestically. It comes after personal washing in sinks and showers. To save water, one option is to go for a toilet with a dual flush option, which effectively means you have two settings. You have one button for a lighter flush which uses less water, and another for the full power flush. Super important, especially with recent water shortages.
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Whichever way you look at it, your toilet is like anything else bought for the bathroom - it pays to plan, including getting the measuring tape out, and spending a little time browsing your choices before making your selection. Ultimately, it's like your favourite armchair - you'll spend so much time sitting on it, you want it to be just right.