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Join us this October as SONAS Bathrooms attends not one, but two of the most awaited home exhibition events: Selfbuild Live in TEC, Belfast (13-15th Oct) and the Ideal Home Show in RDS Dublin (20-22nd Oct).

Whether you're planning a self-build project, home renovation, or just looking for inspiration, our stand promises a wealth of ideas and expertise.

Our Stand - Inspirational displays

Step into a world where each corner offers a different perspective on modern bathroom design. With eight distinctively themed bays, SONAS Bathrooms takes you on a journey through innovation, style, and sustainability. Each display showcases the latest 2023 SONAS Collection. The moodboard accompanying each theme encapsulates the essence of the products on display, complemented by decor elements that complete the look.

Curated by SONAS Brand Ambassador Natasha Rocca Devine, an award-winning interior designer.
Designed by Award-Winning Designer Natasha Rocca Devine.
Craft your personal bathroom oasis that oozes luxury at every turn.
Craft your personal bathroom oasis that oozes luxury at every turn.
Discover how small spaces can pack a punch with bold color contrasts.
Pack a punch with bold colour contrasts in small spaces.
Dive into a serene world where calming color choices reign supreme.
Choose Calming Colours to Create a Serene Space.
Play with unique shapes and illuminated options to give your bathroom mirrors an avant-garde twist.
Play with unique shapes and illuminated options for mirrors.
Embrace the efficiency and style of double vanities, offering both space and shared luxury.
Embrace efficiency and style with double vanities.
Connect with nature by incorporating plants, natural materials, light, and organic shapes.
Connect with nature by incorporating organic plants, and shapes.
Enhance your bathroom space with a vivid array of colored basins and WC’s.
Choose from a vivid array of coloured basins and WC’s.


Our product experts will be available to answer all your queries. Plus, we have an array of resources to help you reimagine your bathroom.

Join Our Talks

We are excited to share that we will also be hosting several informative talks during these exhibitions. Don't miss out on these insightful sessions led by our experts:


  • Matt Kinloch, “Reimagining Bathrooms” - Unilin Theatre: Friday 3:45pm and Saturday 12pm
  • Matt Kinloch, Q+A "Bathrooms: How to get the look you want on a budget" - Self Build Advice Theatre: Sunday 2pm


  • Paul O’Neill, “Reimagining Bathrooms” – Ecodan Advice Theatre: Saturday 3:50pm and Sunday 4:20pm
  • Natasha Rocca Devine & Louise Murphy, "Sustainably Stylish Bathrooms" - DFS Theatre: Saturday 3:10pm


Can't attend either event? We've got you covered!

Our expert team shares their top 5 tips for kickstarting your bathroom journey.

  1. Start With a Feeling: How do you want to feel in your new bathroom? Is it a relaxing oasis or an energetic bright vibe? Visit showrooms for inspiration or look at interiors’ magazines and on social media. Have fun in creating a bathroom that reflects your personal style.
  2. Get Creative: Now it’s time to get creative. Establish the colour palette of the space using bathroom furniture, coloured tiles, statement walls, and tasteful pops of colour. You can incorporate colour through accent pieces, brassware options, or even your own customised colour bath.
  3. Measure Up: Time to get practical. Use the SONAS bathroom planner to create a plan of your space and plot in the sizes of the bathroom products, and mark the location of doors, windows, and waste. Remember, it’s not just about fitting things in; it’s about making the space work for you.
  4. Product Consultation: Your local SONAS retailer will guide you through this process. There are a wide range of colours and sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit, both for your style and space. With your plans in hand, it helps to narrow down your options.
  5. Installation: We recommend that you use an experienced and qualified professional to install your bathroom. Make sure you communicate your plans at the first fix stage, to plan for items like freestanding baths, double vanity units, or wall-hung toilets.



Established in 1978, SONAS Bathrooms has grown to be Ireland's largest manufacturer of bathroom products. Rooted in design excellence and unparalleled expertise, we pride ourselves in creating products that resonate with diverse customer needs.

We're all geared up and eagerly waiting to meet you at Selfbuild Live and the Ideal Home Show this October. We are experts with bathroom products and are here to help. See you there!

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