Tips for modernising your bathroom.

Tips for modernising your bathroom.
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Modern Bathroom Ideas

IRISH bathrooms back in the day were pretty much all the same: the room was purely functional. The bathroom was generally one of the smallest rooms in the home and the toilet, bath and basin were situated without too much flair or imagination. After bathrooms were brought from outhouses inside, they still weren’t given too much focus when it came to decor. Avocado and beige anyone? Fluffy toilet seat covers? Nowadays people want much more out of the space and want it to be a beautiful room in which they get ready, put on makeup, relax, get dressed and more. If your bathroom is stuck in a rut and in desperate need of modernisation, there are various things you can do to turn it into a stylish haven. 

1. Re-jigging the layout

Talk to your installer about whether or not it’s possible to move your bathroom suite around. Changing the location of the toilet is the biggest job. Speak to the experts and if it’s possible, you can really make a difference to your bathroom by having a good layout to make the most of the room. Choose your focal point - it could be a nice vanity, a dramatic light fixture or your bath. 

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2. Improve the lighting

Get rid of your glaring fluorescent lighting. Bathroom lighting has come on in leaps and bounds over the years. It doesn’t have to be super bright overhead lighting. You could opt for recessed lighting or even a romantic chandelier. Go for soft lighting and you can have in built LED lighting in your mirror for practical things like makeup application, shaving etc. 


3. New Tiling

Update your tiles, or at least give your grout a good cleaning. If you haven’t made over your bathroom in decades, chances are you’re tiling may be tired. There are fabulous options available that don’t have to break the bank. If you’re on a budget, you could tile the wet areas only. Whether it’s marble, metro or mosaic you’re going for, new tiles will make your bathroom look fantastic. 

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4. Vanity Units

Ditch your old pedestal basin for a brand new wall mounted vanity unit. We have a massive selection. Vanity units are both stylish and practical. They look amazing but they’re also great for storage. You can hide away any clutter or keep cleaning products and spare toilet paper close for convenience. We’ve also got ones with internal drawer organisers, so they’re super for keeping makeup or toiletries tidy. vanity unit

5. Go Eco

If it’s been a while since your bathroom had an upgrade, your toilet might not be as eco friendly as some modern toilets. Older loos use up more water per flush, so check out our environmentally friendly dual flush toilets to do your bit for mother nature. eco flush

6. Future Proof

If you're going to the expense of a bathroom re-model, make sure you think about your needs in future too. You might want to consider accessibility - so whether that means replacing your bath with your shower, or replacing your shower tray with a low profile one or a wet room style one for ease of getting into. Thinking of these things now will save you the hassle and expense later. wet room