Are you planning to replace your bath with a walk in shower? Read this first.

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ONE of the most common bathroom renovations queries we’ve had of late is from people who want to remove their baths and replace them with luxurious walk in showers. So many people are doing it. It could be someone of a certain age who’s starting to take mobility into account. They want to prepare for a day when they might not manage to get into the bath quite so easily. Others we’ve spoken to are young and single and want to create a luxury bathroom at home. In other families, children may be a little bit older now and have showers more often than baths.

Whatever the reason, removing the bath and putting a walk in shower in its place is something that can easily be done. Here are some things to take into consideration if you’re thinking of doing the same.

try the bath challenge first

Are you sure you won’t regret getting rid of your bath? Can you fit a bath AND a shower in your room? Some people say they never use the bath and don’t mind getting rid of it. But have you given the bath a proper go? Life is hectic these days and people rarely take enough time out for themselves to relax after a long day. Have you actually put a bit of time aside for some self care?

Set yourself a challenge to see if you really are ready to say goodbye to your bath forever. Twice a week, make it your mission to draw a gorgeous bubble bath. Set aside half an hour and indulge in a hot, bubbly soak. Kick back with a book or a glass of wine. Listen to some music. Make the bath a part of your week. Do this for a month and see what you think. Often times, things are purely habit. If you purposely incorporate a bath or two into your weekly routine, it might become a habit you don’t want to break after all. Give it a go. You might end up wanting to upgrade your bath to a gorgeous whirlpool bath or a freestanding show-stopper!whirlpool bath


If you're trying to future-proof your bathroom by removing your bath, make sure that the shower you choose is accessible and easy to use as well. There’s no point in taking out the bath and then installing a shower that you have to take a large step up to get into. We have a wide range of low profile shower trays that come in various sizes and colours to suit your bathroom. You can even ask your installer to recess them into your floor, so that there’ll be no step at all into your shower.

We also have anti-slip shower trays for increased safety. This is especially important for people with reduced mobility. You should also consider installing a thermostatic shower kit. These are safer for older people or children due to their anti-scald features. The water comes out at just the right temperature, so there’s less of a risk that someone could get hurt if they get confused about the correct temperature before turning the shower on.low profile shower tray


Tanking out: if you’re creating a wet room without installing a shower tray, you’ll need to tank out your bathroom to prevent leaks and water damage. Talk to your plumber or bathroom installer about the process. If you’re using one of our low profile shower trays, the process will be simpler.

tanking out

Wet room panels

Wet room panels are a fantastic alternative to traditional shower doors and if you remove your bath to install a large, walk in shower, wet room panels are an ideal solution for you. We have a wide variety of sizes available. If access is an issue for you, talk to our experts who will advise on the best combination of panels for you. We also have a selection of shower seats to make showering safer and more comfortable for people with mobility issues.wet room panel

Water pressure...

Before installing your gorgeous new shower, talk to your plumber about your water pressure as our showers require a minimum operating pressure. If you check the catalogue, it will tell you how many bars you need. Your plumber can install a system that will boost your water pressure so that you can enjoy luxurious showers at home. The type of shower head you choose will depend on the showering experience you're hoping for. A large, wide shower head will pour large volumes of water over you, whereas a smaller shower head will be more pressurised and feel stronger. Ask our experts for advice on which will give you the effect you're looking for. shower head


Ask the experts...

As always, the number one piece of advice we can give you is to talk to us. Ask our experts. Come to our showroom and see our wide range of gorgeous products. We will definitely have something that will suit your bathroom and we'll be honest with you about what will fit and work out, and what won't. We will help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Get in touch today - you won't regret it. For our full range of products, check out