Bathroom colour ideas to inspire.

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WE'VE already given you advice on the more practical elements of choosing the right paint for your bathroom - the type of finish you need and what to do if your bathroom suffers from mould or mildew. We've teamed up with Colourtrend Paints once again to bring you the more fun elements of painting your bathroom: namely style, the latest trends and how to bring out the best in your bathroom using colours. Adele Roche, the Irish company's Colour Consultant had loads of hot tips for us to share with you.

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She said: “When choosing a colour for your bathroom it is important to consider the style and ambience you want to create in the space. Is it a wet room that is more functional or has it got a big sunken bath in it were you plan on taking time out to relax?"

Choosing the right bathroom fixtures and fittings can be a bit daunting - which is why we at SONAS Bathrooms are available to talk you through anything you need. You can see the full range of our products here, but our showroom is open from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. And of course we have our network of retailers all over Ireland as well. We can talk you through your family's needs and advise about what type of bathroom would suit you best.


So once you've figured out what type of vibe you're going for - a relaxing sanctuary or vibrant, functional room - picking out the colour scheme is next on your agenda.


Adele told us: "Currently all variations of the colour blue are very popular. The lighter tints of 'Elfin' or 'Beade' combined with white gives a very fresh simple clean look to any bathroom.  The richer  navies, like 'Mussell' or 'Inkwell' combined with white sanitaryware can work well for a moody sophisticated feel."


We picked Adele's brain for more colour tips for your bathroom, and here are our favourite 5 pieces of advice:

  • If you find blues too cool for your home, look at using variations of yellow or orange which can bring energy to the space - especially if you are jumping into the shower and don’t spend a lot of time using this area to relax.
  •  Remember to choose colours that work with your individual style and compliment the tiles you have chosen.

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  •  If your bathroom is on the small side, paint things in brighter tints of colours to create the illusion of space but often when we paint things too bright with hues that just have hints of colour we are making the space feel colder as the bright tints have a lot of white in them.
  • If a space is very dark naturally no amount of a bright colour will help add in more natural light so hence I suggest going with the mood. Nearly all sanitary ware is brilliant white so teamed with darker shades of wall colour a bathroom can be given a very luxurious feel.
Colourtrend paint used on the Ventura Design Showhouse at the Autumn Ideal Homes Show 2016. Colours are as follows: Main Living Room: Green Column 0466 Bathroom: Blackthorn 8784D Gym/Walk in Wardrobe: Blackthorn 8784D Skirting Master Bedroom: Black Liquorice 0529 Exterior Walls: 0528 Grey Beard Photo by: Godson Photography (

  • Tongue and groove paneling can add a very warm feeling to a bathroom. Using darker tones and shades of colour on the panelling itself can add colour and depth to the space. Using  brighter tints above the panelling can soften the look of the hard ceramic finish. In  a smaller bathroom, it is possible to paint the woodwork and walls the same colour because both wall and wood finishes are different the light reflectance from both surfaces will vary so this will give a very clean fresh look.



Whatever colour you decide to paint your bathroom, you can be sure that our fabulous furniture and accessories will fit perfectly to create the perfect space for you and your family.