Create the industrial chic bathroom of your dreams

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The industrial look is extremely popular in interiors and the bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with this style. You may not be brave enough to try out things like concrete, glass and exposed pipework in other parts of the house - but the bathroom is the perfect place to take a few risks and be braver with your choices. You’re already half way there in many respects, thanks to elements like tile and porcelain, pipework etc after all. Here are our tips for creating this look and here’s a selection of products that would be perfect for it.


Slate shower trays are really in keeping with the industrial theme. The texture and colour of the anthracite slate trays lend themselves extremely well to this style, and would be perfect if creating a modern, wet-room style bathroom. And of course our wet room panels will finish off the look impeccably.slate shower trays



We love the Twyford Moda basins. They’re stylish and trendy yet they won’t date quickly either - the best of both worlds. These basins come with a shelf on whichever side you prefer. Or you could even get two together - perfect for a couple if you don’t have space for a double vanity unit. The shape of the Moda basin, as well as the pipework, is the epitome of edgy industrial basin


There are many ways you could use concrete in your bathroom. Polished concrete floors are ideal for bathrooms as they can take the moisture and steam and are non-slip as well. You won’t have things like cleaning grout to worry about either - win, win! You could also incorporate one of our countertop basins onto a polished concrete shelf - stylish, sleek and easy to maintain.countertop basin


Add some stylish accessories to your room to warm it up. The thing about industrial style is that it’s a marriage between the elements, a balance between the cold industrial look and the warmth you want to create in a home. Think wooden storage boxes for your facecloths, a basket for pampering products or slippers, a la a hotel spa. The juxtaposition of fluffy white towels against wood, concrete or the porcelain of your bathroom ware is perfection. We love this look from Meadows and Byrnebathroom storage baskets


Wood is an essential element in creating a chic, industrial vibe in your home. We have so many gorgeous vanity units to choose from. The Lyon Samara Ash would be perfect in industrial chic bathroom. The colour and style of it has a timeless yet edgy vibe and it's super stylish and on trend. Lyon Samara Ash

Shower heads

Shower heads that are fixed to the wall ooze the industrial chic vibe thanks to the simplicity and rigidity of the look. The Arva, for example, is square and fixed to the ceiling. It looks minimalist and stylish in modern bathrooms, and is perfect for the industrial chic look. fixed shower head


Modern, freestanding baths are perfect for this look. We have a large selection and particularly love the Zoe to create clean lines with essential softness thrown in too. It's sophisticated, cool and would be a gorgeous addition to any bathroom.

freestanding bath

Mix and match and don't be afraid to experiment with textures in your bathroom. Once you have the furniture in place, you can accessorise to your heart's content. Think (bathroom friendly) pendant lighting, candles, ornaments, plants and other things that will add style and warmth. The world is your oyster when it comes to creating your dream bathroom. Contact us at [email protected] to request a catalogue or to send us your plans if you're building a house or doing a renovation.