The results are in: our big survey with Ystyle spilled some interesting secrets...

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We recently teamed up with Ystyle to carry out a big bathroom survey - and the results are in! The completely anonymous survey (don't worry, your secrets are safe with us) gave us some really interesting facts about Irish women and their bathroom habits. More than 3000 women - and a handful of men - from across the country - spilled the beans and revealed all about their likes and dislikes in the bathroom. We found that although the kitchen has the reputation for being the heart of the home, it seems the bathroom is where all the action takes place.

Our tongue in cheek poll found that the bathroom is a much more multi-purpose room - where women are doing everything from relaxing, grooming, tanning, dyeing their hair, getting dressed and in some cases eating and using the phone. And 64% of women see the bathroom as a safe haven of sorts and have pretended to be using it just to hide away and get some peace. Can you relate?!

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More than half of the women surveyed have used their phone on the toilet. And while most women value the privacy the bathroom offers, almost half of those surveyed have revealed that they use the toilet in front of their partners. Going to the loo in front of a partner isn’t the only thing that couples in Ireland get up to in the bathroom: 38% of people use the bathroom to get some ‘alone time’ with their partner. Showering together is something that 77% do, although 2% of these share the shower regularly to save water and time, whereas the others admit it’s for the purposes of romance.

bathroom survey

As for the bath versus shower debate, 75% of women find baths more relaxing but more people use the shower as part of their daily routine. A total of 19% have a bath once a week. Just six per cent use the bath for washing, compared to 60% who use it to relax and 31% who find it de-stressing. A further 3% use it to bath their kids, or to ease muscle pain post-exercise. As for what people like with their baths, 87% like bubbles in it, 24% enjoy drinking alcohol as they’re having a soak. Another 33% like reading in the bath, 49% enjoy listening to music, 1% eat in the bath, 9.5% enjoy getting romantic in the bath, 4% enjoy watching films and 44% do their grooming/pampering in the bath.

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Richard Sloan, Managing Director at SONAS Bathrooms said: “We had a total of 3130 responses to this survey from women all over Ireland so it gives us great insight into what goes on behind closed doors. The bathroom really is at the centre of everything in the home - whether it’s getting ready, relaxing, getting away from it all.

“We had a lot of fun with this survey and it proves that the bathroom is no longer just a functional room - it’s so much more than that. It’s often a haven for people and more and more, it’s seen as a room for relaxation, peace and personal time. People want it to be special.”

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