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bathroom furniture guide

A bathroom vanity unit is a must-have furniture solution, which includes the washbasin along with practical storage. Designed with doors or drawers - depending on your preference - they can be wall hung or floor standing. Each unit boasts thoughtful design features such as hidden storage, soft closing mechanisms and complimentary handles. Bring style and function into your bathroom with the SONAS Bathrooms collection of vanity units.

wall hung vanity units



Wall Hung

Wall hung furniture gives the illusion of greater space and allows for easier cleaning of your floor. Before installation, ensure your wall can support the weight of the unit and that your pipework is fed through the wall, rather than the floor.






counter top vanity unit




The washbasin sits on top of the countertop unit. These
units give you a modern, minimalist look. They also offer
ample storage and allow you the opportunity to choose your
own style, colour and shape of countertop washbasin.





floor standing vanity unit




Floor Standing

Floor standing furniture is installed directly on to the bathroom floor. These vanity units, which include the basin, utilise the area beneath the basin to provide you with a generous storage space





cloakroom vanity unit





Ideal for smaller spaces, cloakroom units are the perfect combination of basin and unit. They offer essential storage without taking up much space, allowing you to keep your bathroom spares hidden neatly away from your guests.





space saving vanity unit



Space Saving

Space saving units help you optimise your bathroom. Available in wall hung or floor standing, these vanity units are available in a variety of colours & styles, and provide a surprising amount of storage despite their compact size.






bathroom storage




Keep your bathroom tidy and give yourself extra breathing room with a stylish storage unit. Units are available in wall hung or floor standing. Choose from a variety of colours & styles, from traditional to sleek and contemporary.





WC Unit


WC Unit

A WC unit is a simple and modern way to add a back to wall toilet to your bathroom while concealing unsightly pipework. These units also cleverly offer additional shelf space for your bathroom’s finishing touches