Winter Warming: Your Heated Rail Buying Guide

Winter Warming: Your Heated Rail Buying Guide
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Heat is an element that is vital to the comfort of wellbeing and crucial to your bathroom experience. Create harmony and ambience in your bathroom surroundings with the SONAS Collection of Heated Towel Rails.

In this blog, we'll cover what you should know before you buy and the different types of heated towel rails, to help you create your perfect bathroom. Whether your style is a contemporary oasis or a traditional design, SONAS Bathrooms has you covered.

Before you buy

First things first. If you are renovating your bathroom or you’re considering  upgrading your bathroom radiator or heated rail, it is essential that you speak with a qualified plumbing engineer first. Consulting with a qualified plumbing engineer is advisable as they are the best individuals to provide advice on the following:

Type of heating system?

Plumbed or electric. A plumbed central heating system heats the water through either gas/oil boiler or heat pump and circulates the hot water around your home and into your radiator. An electric system doesn’t use water and each room in your home is controlled individually with the use of thermostats. Check with your qualified plumbing engineer to ensure that your choice is compatible with your heating system.

Heated towel rail or a radiator?

British Thermal Unit or BTU is the unit of measure used to calculate the required heat output to adequately heat the room. It’s important that this is calculated accurately, as a miscalculation can either make the room too cold or too hot. The rule of thumb heated towel rails are not adequate as the only source of heat in a typical family bathroom. The BTU is determined by the size of the room, the number of external walls and windows. While there are a number of online tools available to help you calculate your BTU, we recommend speaking with your qualified plumbing engineer to ensure you get the perfect fit for your perfect bathroom.

Type of wall?

Before deciding on where to position your radiator or heated rail, you’ll need to determine whether or not the wall is suitable. Depending on the size and weight, it may be too heavy to hang from a stud partitioned wall. If you hang it on a solid brick wall, it should be okay. However, make sure to consult with a qualified plumbing engineer first.

Once you’ve got the technical details confirmed, you can discover our stylish range of high-quality heated rails and radiators, designed to compliment the style of your bathroom.


Using a vertical radiator makes the most of your available wall space, which allows you to have more room for a bigger vanity unit or wetroom area – without sacrificing on style or heat. If you’re looking to create a statement piece in your bathroom, vertical radiators offer a striking focal point. Check out the SONAS Bathrooms PIATTO and AMURA vertical radiators, available in white, anthracite and black, as well as double and single panel options.

AMURA Elliptical Tube Mirror Radiator


Horizontal heated rails are neat, compact and perfect for fitting under windows. This area is generally the coldest place in the room and it also saves on space. AMURA radiators available in double and single options.


Amura Horizontal Radiator AMURA Elliptical Tube Horizontal

Ladder Heated Towel Rails

The Ladder style of heated towel rails are a stylish bathroom staple. This type of rail offers a sleek and minimalistic look, will keeping your towels nice and toasty.

SONAS Bathrooms have a wide range of ladder style rails to choose from. The sophisticated CURVED and STRAIGHT heated rail collection are available in three colour options and a variety of sizes. Or if you are looking for a twist on the ladder style, the FORGE, ASHTON and COMO style are definite winners.

COMO Heated Towel Rail

Contemporary Heated Towel Rails

Nothing says comfort more than a warm, fluffy towel after a steaming hot shower or a nice long soak in the bath. Our range of heated rails are the perfect solution to hang your towels up and to also keep them warm and dry.

Our SYNERGY heated towel rail is a wonderful addition to any contemporary style bathroom. It's minimalist design makes this a statement piece. Available in two height options, this pairs beautifully with our SCANDINAVIAN Furniture Collection.

SYNERGY Heated Rail

Traditional Heated Towel Rails

If you’ve opted for a Victorian or Georgian style bathroom design, like the SONAS WESTBURY Collection, then our range of traditional heated towel rails are the perfect accompaniment to complete the look of your timeless bathroom. For a truly classic look choose from the CROFT, CHAPEL 1 & CHAPEL 2.

Chapel 1 Heated Towel Rail CHAPEL 1 Heated Towel Rail


You will require a pair of radiator valves along with your chosen heated rail. One valve controls the amount of hot water entering the radiator and the other, lockshield valve, balances the system by controlling how much heat the radiator emits.

Our collection of contemporary Angled and Straight valves are available in chrome, black and anthracite.

We also have a range of Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) which allows you to control the temperature of a room by changing the flow of hot water to the radiator. TRVs are very energy efficient and can help to reduce your heating bills!


Chrome Round Straight and Angled ValvesThermostatic Valves











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