Things to Consider Before Ditching Your Bath

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double ended bath

A bathroom renovation is an exciting project. There have never been more scope to create a truly gorgeous, relaxing space in your home, and you don't have to break the bank to do so. From fabulous heated towel rails to amazingly powerful showers to stylish vanity units, the end result no matter the space available is fantastic when done when some thought and the right products are used.

One trend that we've seen more of in recent times here at SONAS Bathrooms, is  the removal of the bath completely from the home. Usually this happens as your family grows and the days of bath times complete with rubber ducks become a thing of the past.  Your children may be teens now and the shower has become the focal point of the daily routine. In this case, removing the bath can make sense but here are some reasons that you should think twice before saying goodbye to your bath forever.

1. The Value of Your House...

If you do plan to sell your home in the the near future, the next family living there next may have little ones and bath may be very important to them. For many people buying their first home, they won't have the budget to do any renovations once they've stumped up the cash for the deposit and mortgage. So they usually go for something that needs little investment. For some people, not having a bath may be a deal breaker. Ripping it out is quite a final act so pause and think of the future and whether or not this is your forever home. house for sale

2. The Later Years...

You may not be a regular bather at this point in your life - especially if you have young kids. An hour or so where you can lay back, relax and listen to music or simply soak in gorgeous bubbles or essential oils may seem like it's totally out of your grasp. But this may change. As the kids grow older, you'll have more time to yourself and to indulge in life's little luxuries. There is really nothing like a gorgeous bath with bath salts after a hard exercise session or after a long day. However rarely you do bathe, these days, those precious baths will be worth it. And again, there may come a time when you're allocating relaxation time into your day and baths will be perfect for this. relaxing bath

3. New Bath Styles...

If space is consideration then why not think of moving the position of the bath in your bathroom. Moving the toilet isn't such an easy task due to the plumbing issues involved, but swapping around the position of other bathroom ware may be an option. The original placement may not be optimal so talk to your plumber about your options. You could also opt for a shower bath - we have a wide range of L Shaped or P Shaped baths. The beauty of these is that they provide much more room for showering above the bath.  If you wanted to make a statement, you could install a freestanding bath that has a shower attachment for ease of washing hair etc. Simply stunning. Our extra-deep baths also give you more space without taking up extra room. Win win. shower bath

Still Want to Ditch the Bath?

If you are really set on getting rid of the bath but still may sell in the future, consider for an easy access shower as a slimline low profile shower tray will age with you and future residents. Picking the right combination of shower and tray will make your bathroom renovation stand out from the crowd even if that bath is no longer there. We have shower trays in all sorts of size combinations and finishes - from slate to non-slip. Our wet room panels will also give you a sleek, modern look. Simply fabulous. urban wetroom panel

If you are thinking of making changes in your bathroom, speak to our expert teams who will give you honest advice on what we think will best suit your needs. Our reliable team will give you a number of suggestions and help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us today.