Five Glorious Showers to Brighten Up Your Day

Five Glorious Showers to Brighten Up Your Day
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A rubbish shower can put a damper on your entire day. Getting out of bed early on a workday is hard enough without the thoughts of a low pressure, dribbly shower. There's nothing quite like an invigorating, powerful and luxurious shower to help put a spring in your step, so if yours isn't up to scratch, you should definitely check out these beauties from the SONAS Bathrooms 2018 collection.

1. The Puro Thermostatic Shower Kit

luxury shower

This is one of our favourite additions to the 2018 SONAS Catalogue. The Puro is the epitome of luxurious showering. Measuring 200mm wide, the soaker shower head is stylish, elegant and modern. This kit also comes with a 1.5m shower hose. The kit requires a minimum operating pressure of 0.5 bars to ensure you get that wonderful, powerful pressure. Talk to your plumber to ensure the conditions are perfect as this really is a gorgeous shower. It also comes with a five year guarantee.

2. The Nulo Thermostatic Shower Kit

 nulo luxury shower

This is another stunning shower that will be a show stopper in your bathroom. Its square shower head measures 200mm and the 1.5m hose is perfect for rinsing, hair washing and adding that extra element of luxury to your showering experience. Retailing at €525, the Nulo also has a minimum operating pressure of 0.5 bars and a five year guarantee. It's also guaranteed to be heavenly!

3. The Kelda Fixed Shower Head

If you love minimalist, contemporary bathrooms, the Kelda fixed shower head could be just the ticket. You can't see any of the valves or mechanisms of this shower head as it's all concealed behind your tiles. All you  have is the sleek, wall mounted shower head, which comes on a 300mm wall arm. You don't need crazy water pressure for this beauty either - the minimum operating pressure is 0.1 bars. And the price tag is fantastic as well at just €99. The Kelda would be a fabulous addition to any bathroom.

4. The Elizabeth Thermostatic Shower Kit

traditional shower The Elizabeth Thermostatic Shower Kit is absolutely stunning and ideal for a bathroom with a traditional or vintage vibe. New to the 2018 catalogue, this stunning piece is already proving popular with people looking to inject a bit of old school glamour into their bathroom. It comes with a five year guarantee. Stylish, timeless and a solid, quality shower that will stand the test of time.

5. Traditional Shower Head

traditional shower head

This is another firm favourite if you're looking for a shower head with a traditional look. Sleek and timeless, this shower head has an RRP of €170. It comes with a five year guarantee. Like all SONAS Bathrooms shower heads, they must be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cloth - completely avoid abrasive cleaners as it will null your warranty.

As always, our staff are always ready and available to help you choose the best products for your bathroom. So contact us today if you're planning a bathroom renovation - we'll help you plan it to perfection to suit your needs.