Give Your Bathroom a Boost in 5 Simple Steps

Give Your Bathroom a Boost in 5 Simple Steps
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You might not be in a position to carry out a full bathroom makeover or renovation at the moment, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few simple things you can do to spruce it up. Even if you're on a tight budget, there are ways and means of glamming up your bathroom, giving it a fresh look. Here are some simple steps you can take that won't break the bank.

1. A heated towel rail.

Unless you have underfloor heating, chances are your bathroom has a radiator. A good way of adding some glam to your bathroom is replacing your traditional radiator with a heated towel rail. We have a large selection of these in both wall mounted and floor standing styles and they're now available in an anthracite grey colour as well as the more traditional chrome finish. A heated towel rail comes in various heat outputs so talk to your installer or plumber about what will work best for the size of your room. The correct heated towel rail will heat the room as well as give you warm, fluffy towels for when you emerge from your daily bath or shower. Bliss. Our heated towel rails start at just €110 and we have more traditional styles as well as styles to suit a more contemporary bathroom.

heated towel rail

2. A Gorgeous New Set of Towels

There's nothing quite like a new set of luxurious towels to give your bathroom a boost. It's like the equivalent of crisp, new, clean sheets in your bedroom: high quality towels just exude elegance and make you feel pampered after a soak in bath. You could choose a bright colour to add a visual splash to your bathroom, or go for classic white for a subtle, chic addition. We love these from Irish brand White and Green - gorgeous, soft and fabulous quality. You can also opt for more budget options if the price tag is an issue - you'll still get that feel good factor from fresh new towels.

luxury towels

3. A New Shower Head

Do you have a shower that's less than wow in your bathroom? Simply changing the shower head could make all the difference to your showering experience. Once you ensure you choose a shower head suitable for the water pressure in your home, you're good to go. You could also talk to your plumber about installing a pressurised water system, which would mean fabulous, powerful showers every day. There's nothing quite like it to refresh you in the morning or relax you in the evening. Heavenly. Our fixed shower heads start from just €55 and come in varying shapes and sizes that would suit any bathroom style.

traditional shower head

4. Scented Candles

A scented candle is definitely an affordable gift you could get for yourself - a real indulgent treat that is perfect for the bathroom. Not only does a scented candle look pretty in a bathroom, it also creates a gorgeous smell that can add to the atmosphere when you're enjoying a luxurious bubble bath. There are loads of fabulous Irish brands that make scented candles. We love this one from Pippa O'Connor's collection, available online or in Brown Thomas.

scented candles

5. A New Mirror

A mirror can be a focal  point in your bathroom. It's up there amongst one of the most used products in the bathroom - for everything from shaving to makeup application, teeth brushing, hair brushing, face washing and simply checking yourself out before heading out the door in the morning. If you have a fabulous mirror, your bathroom can look glam and pulled together and it's a budget friendly way of giving your room a quick facelift. We love mirrors with de-misting properties and lights - practical and stylish in one. One of our favourites is the Belle mirror, pictured below, which has built in LED lighting all around it. Simple and classic. LED mirror

If you're planning a bathroom makeover - no matter how big or small - check out to see our wide range of products. We've got a fantastic range at great prices and our team of experts is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.