Barbiecore Trend - Embracing Pink at SONAS

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Pack a punch with Pink in your very own Barbie Bathroom


Keep calm and add some pink: There's no denying that Barbiecore is the must-have trend of the season, with a huge surge in pink furniture and design concepts hitting the market recently. Not alone does pink add a vibrant and colourful touch to your interior, but it's also been said to promote peace and tranquility in your home.

So what exactly is Barbiecore? In the lead up to Greta Gerwig's highly anticipated 'Barbie' movie, we're seeing a wave of interiors all sharing this anything-but-boring aesthetic and all with one overriding theme: Pink!

In the same way that Barbie inspires creativity and imagination, SONAS are here to help you imagine more for your bathroom, and we think that the Barbiecore trend is the perfect opportunity to bring some colour back into your bathroom! From vibrant LED Mirrors to stylish Wall Hanging Units, people are embracing pink in their interior.

Asking yourself how you can incorporate pink styling into your space with SONAS? Read on to find out more!


Here are 5 Ways you can Inject your Bathroom with on-trend Barbiecore Style.


Think pink with your Furniture.

The most obvious way to incorporate colour into your bathroom is to look at the colour of your units. As one of the most predominant features in your bathroom, your Floor Standing Unit, Wall Column, or Back to Wall WC Unit can carry a lot of weight when it comes to creating a pink theme in your bathroom.

Cashmere-Pink-STOCKHOLM-Range Add Pink Furniture with the STOCKHOLM Range in Cashmere Pink Matt

Take influence from Contrasting Pink Tones.

Evoking that Barbie-inspired theme means incorporating varying shades of pink throughout your bathroom.  You can do this through patterns and textures, or by incorporating a feature wall with darker shades of pink.

SONAS TUD AWARDS FINALIST NIAMH TIGHE SONAS TUD Awards Finalist Niamh Tighe showcases a Contrasting Pink Design in her entry

Add Glamorous Emphasis with LED Mirrors.

Barbiecore is all about the glam and glitz in your space, and what better way to add glamour than with a fabulous LED Mirror. SONAS offer a range of finishes to compliment your own bathroom, but we’re always partial to a pop of gold in a pink bathroom.

SONAS TUD AWARDS FINALIST NIAMH MYNES SONAS TUD Awards Finalist Niamh Mynes demonstrates how LED Mirrors can add Glamour to your Bathroom

Embrace Playful Pink Patterns.

Whether you decide on patterned tile, or water-resistant vinyl as the background for your bathroom, pink can play its part on the walls of your bathroom too. Consider tones that will emphasis your bathroom furniture and that will keep that tranquil vibe that ties in with the Barbiecore theme.

Cashmere-Pink-FREYA-Range FREYA Range pictured in Cashmere Pink Matt

Go Custom for Colourful Charm.

If you’re looking to add greater dimension to your pink bathroom, then you should consider a darker or more vibrant shade of pink. With the SONAS Custom Colour service you can customise the exterior of our free standing bath range in any RAL colour option. This means you can choose from over 2500 colour options making your design possibilities truly endless.

LYRA-Free-Standing-Bath LYRA Free Standing Bath with Custom Colour


Embracing Barbiecore and colour in your bathroom has never been more attainable. Keeping these 5 tips in mind, you too can live Life in the Dreamhouse and create a pink Barbie bathroom that will be the talk of the town.

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