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Colourful Bathroom Ideas: SONAS Custom Colour Bath

Coloured tiles, furniture, wallpaper: everywhere you look colour is exploding in bathroom design and adventurous colourful bathroom ideas are having their moment in the spotlight.

SONAS offers a full range of colour options across our furniture collections, and now we are excited to introduce our range of contemporary freestanding baths with Customised Colour at your service!

Bathrooms are now awash with colour options giving homeowners the opportunity to create an eye-catching customised freestanding bath as a centrepiece in their bathroom.

The ever-popular white bath will work in any bathroom but what if you are looking for a bit more individuality? You can go bold with your favourite colour to make you smile every time you enter the bathroom… or you can add a muted colour to dial up the spa-like ambience. With the massive array of different shades available, you can enjoy choosing what will work for you.

SONAS-MAROVO-Coloured-Freestanding-Bath SONAS MAROVO Freestanding Bath with Custom Colour

What is it?

Our Customised Colour service allows customers to choose any bath from our contemporary freestanding bath range and select from over 2500 satin finishes that will completely transform their bathroom space.

Colourful Bathroom Ideas, Custom colour bath, SONAS-LYRA-Coloured-Freestanding-Bath, Hot Pink Bath SONAS LYRA Freestanding Bath in Custom Colour

Colour options

RAL is a universal colour matching system used in manufacturing to ensure consistency and quality in a wide range of applications. Standardised colour codes called RAL numbers, are used to precisely match, and specify colours. With the SONAS Customised Colour service, you can choose from over 2500 RAL Colours for the exterior of your contemporary freestanding bath, ensuring you have the perfect colour every time.

What does is mean for me?

If you’ve been trawling the internet for colourful bathroom ideas and you have the ideal colour in mind for your bathroom, then our Custom Colour RAL service is perfect for you. You can customise the exterior of your freestanding bath to match the colour scheme in your bathroom for coordinated colour that is on-trend. With over 2500 RAL colour options available, your choices really are limitless.

SONAS-ABYSS-Coloured-Freestanding-Bath SONAS COMINO Freestanding Bath in Custom Colour

From beautiful blues to vibrant pinks, and everything in between, our Custom Colour Service allows you to bring your colourful bathroom ideas to life. Imagine more for your bathroom with the SONAS Custom Colour Service.

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