Top Tips for Choosing a Plumber

Top Tips for Choosing a Plumber
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WHETHER you're building a brand new home, an extension or carrying out a renovation, the people behind your project are key to its success. You can search high and low for the very best in products, but having professionals who know what they're doing to manage and implement all your ideas is a must. You might spend weeks and weeks daydreaming about the type of bathroom you want but you really do need an expert installer to put all the pieces together and help turn it into reality. Here at SONAS Bathrooms, we will supply the bathroom of your dreams and here are our top tips for picking an installer or plumber to help with its creation.

1. A recommendation...

Find out from family, neighbours or friends if there's anyone locally who've done work for them and who they'd recommend. Don't just do a quick Google search for your area and hope for the best. Advertising is one way in which plumbers and installers tell you about their services but don't take their word for it. Just because they have a budget for advertising, doesn't mean their work lives up to it. Ask around and try your SONAS Bathrooms retailer too. They may know of a fantastic plumber in your area that they've worked with before. Check reviews on social media pages and on public forums too to get an all round picture before you hire someone.


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2. Insurance and Qualifications...

It might seem obvious, but check that your plumber has the relevant qualifications and insurance in place before you engage his or her services. They'll need to be in the know about things like minimum operating pressure before choosing your shower, what type of valves you need or the heat output you'll need for your heated towel rails. They need to be in the know about all these things.


3. Paperwork...

Get a written quote including VAT and make sure that you're both on the same page about what exactly is included in the price and how long the job will take. Get a timeline in place so there's no confusion over how long the job will take. It's also a good idea to have a written contract in case any problems arise. Don't let the price be the only deciding factor. A cheap job might have hidden costs and the most expensive doesn't necessarily always mean the best either.

4. Work Samples...

Once you've got a plumber or installer in mind, don't be afraid to ask them if you can see some samples of their work. Any bathroom installer worth their salt will have a portfolio of images they can show you, and they should also be able to bring you to see some of it in the flesh. Ask for references and speak to people who they've carried out projects for in the past. Find out how easy it was to work with them - were there any problems and if so how easily resolved were they? It's as important to have someone who has proper after care in place too. If you have a leaky shower after installation, were they quick to come around after to rectify the situation?

5. Outsourcing?

If you're taking on someone who is going to give your entire bathroom a makeover, chances are the same person won't be doing everything. There'll probably be a plumber and a separate tiler - find out who's doing what and make sure you're happy with the work being done by every person on the job.

choosing a plumber

6. Personality Matters...

Pick someone who you think you'll get along with and who'll be an approachable person on the job. After all, they'll be in your house, and you're relying on them to steer you in the right direction. Your plumber or installer will have to know best practices and should be able to guide you about the most up to date products. And a good, reliable plumber is brilliant to have in your contacts book in case of any blockages or bathroom mishaps in future.


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