Vintage Inspired Bathrooms You'll Love

Vintage Inspired Bathrooms You'll Love
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There's something about traditional style bathrooms that just have a timeless elegance that will never go out of fashion. A bathroom renovation isn't something you'll want to do very often, so something classic and beautiful is ideal as you won't have to worry about it dating. Here at SONAS Bathrooms, we put a lot of thought into are products so that they're not only top quality and durable, but also come with warranties for peace of mind. On top of this, style is super important to us, so we only bring you the very best. Here are our favourite vintage inspired pieces from the 2018 catalogue to inspire you.

1. Alexandra.

This fabulous piece oozes class. This console basin and legs comes in two different sizes - 85cm and 108cm - and it really would be a glamours addition to any bathroom. Its legs are decorative and the top of the basin also has room for accessories or for placing items like makeup or toiletries. It's delicate and classic and perfect for a vintage inspired bathroom.

console basin and legs

2. Westbury

The Westbury collection is a classic style that adds a vintage twist to your bathroom. We love the high level WC from this collection - it's not very often that a toilet is a feature in your bathroom but this is definitely a statement piece. With its height and intricate details underneath the cistern, this loo is super chic and comes with either an oak or a white toilet seat. It flushes with a lever on a chain for that perfectly vintage vibe.high level WC

3. Edwardian

This bath shower mixer is stylish as well as being practical. If you don't have room for both a bath and a shower in your bathroom, or if you want the ability to rinse hair easily while in the bath (perfect if you have young kids) then this mixer is an ideal piece of kit. The white elements on the handles and shower head add a touch of sophistication and the style is classically beautiful. edwardian bath shower mixer

4. Viceroy

This traditional freestanding bath is simply stunning. Sitting on detailed yet delicate feet, the Viceroy is the epitome of vintage chic thanks to its classic shape and style. It will instantly add glamour freestanding bath

5. Ely

It'd be a shame to go to lots of effort to bring a vintage vibe to your bathroom and then not to follow through with it throughout the room. Your shower might not be the focal point of your bathroom, but finishing touches such as a glamorous shower like the Ely thermostatic shower kit will pull the whole look together. We love the stylish nature of this piece with its curves and strong features. shower kit

Are you more of a vintage/traditional fan or is a modern bathroom more your thing? Whatever your preference, you'll definitely find something you love on Request a catalogue today or call out to our showroom to see all our latest products. Find your closest retailer here.