3 Ways to a Sustainable SONAS Bathroom

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3 Ways to a Sustainable SONAS Bathroom

What is a Sustainable Bathroom?

Sustainability in your bathroom isn’t all about bamboo toothbrushes, recyclable shower curtains or shampoo bars over plastic bottles. Sustainable bathrooms involve finding ways to reduce waste in your bathroom, whether it's related to water, energy, or general waste.

As the experts in bathrooms, SONAS are here to provide guidance on selecting products for your sustainable bathroom.

We know when it comes to the environment - every little helps! If you specify SONAS water-saving products in your home you can reduce your bathroom water consumption by 50%. (plumbingmag.com) This equates to 100,000 litres of water per year for a family of four!

Read on to find out how you can incorporate sustainable bathroom products into your self-build or renovation.


The ALITA Rain Thermostatic Shower Kit is the ideal sustainable shower option

Water Saving Taps

One of the easiest ways to reduce your bathroom water consumption is through your choice of taps. Launched in 2023, the ALITA and LUTA tap ranges consume only 5 litre/min, and achieved the top Green Label certification by the Unified Water Label. The ALITA range also features cold start technology which allows you to save energy, by reducing your consumption of hot water.

Water Saving Showers

You can now reduce your shower water consumption without reducing your time spent in the shower. We recommend our ALITA Exposed Shower, which is part of the ALITA Rain Thermostatic Shower Kit. While most modern showers use around 12 litres of water per minute, the SONAS ALITA Exposed Shower operates at a flow rate of 6 litres per minute, when fitted with the included flow restrictor. Additionally, the ALITA Exposed Shower also qualifies for Green Label certification with the Unified Water Label, which provides comprehensive and transparent information on water energy use.

The ECHO Segment LED Mirror is a great eco-solution compared to traditional lighting

Energy Efficient LED Mirrors

When it comes to lighting up your bathroom, LED mirrors are the most energy-efficient and sustainable solutions compared to traditional incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lighting. Not alone does an LED mirror provide good colour temperature and rendering, but they offer a longer lifespan than conventional lighted mirrors. LED lighting controls ensure that your lights are only on when needed, which is not only cost-effective but also reduces energy waste contributing towards a more eco-friendly bathroom. If you’re looking for the perfect LED mirror then explore our ECHO range now.


Explore Low Dual Flush Toilets to reduce unnecessary water usage

Sustainable Toilets

Of the 133 litres used by the average Irish adult daily, a third of that is flushed directly down the toilet.

A Dual Flush Toilet comes fitted with a double (or dual) button function. The smaller button produces a lighter flush, using less water, whereas the larger button offers a fully powered flush. Because it takes more effort to press the larger button on the flush panel, you naturally end up using less water for most flushes. This is where the water saving feature comes into play, making it an eco-friendly and more sustainable choice for your self-build or renovation.

With the New SONAS Eco Dual Flush Toilet from the VIA and PEÑA ranges, you can reduce this unnecessary water usage in your bathroom even further. These toilets are engineered to operate on just 4/2.6L of water, and are also Green Label certified by the Unified Water Label.


Why would you want a Sustainable Bathroom?

There are numerous reasons why opting for a sustainable bathroom is the best solution for you and why you should consider one when embarking on your self-build or reno journey.

Water conservation is a significant aspect in sustainable bathrooms, with many individuals today becoming increasingly aware of their environmental footprint and looking to reduce the amount of waste they produce. The average person uses 133 litres of water per day, with Irish Water stating that almost 60% of water supplies are in deficit in normal conditions. By choosing water-saving taps, toilets and showers, you are helping to safeguard our most precious resource for the future. (thewaterforum.ie)

The cost savings involved with sustainable bathrooms is another reason to opt for eco-friendly bathroom products. By using less hot water in Showers and Taps you will reduce your water heating bill, and if you pay water charges you can save money here too. When it comes to lighting up your bathroom, LED mirrors are the most energy-efficient and sustainable solutions compared to traditional incandescent bulbs or fluorescent lighting. Not only are you doing your bit for the environment, you will also reduce the cost of your utility bills going forward.

Likewise having sustainable bathroom products in your home is a key selling feature and can increase your property value if you are looking at reselling down the line.

Looking past the cost saving measures and practical benefits of using sustainable products, perhaps the most rewarding aspect is the sense of personal satisfaction you get knowing that you’ve taken a proactive step in creating a better future for our planet.


The Future is Sustainable

We’ve explained what a sustainable bathroom is, why you would want one, and how to create your very own Sustainable SONAS Bathroom. The rest is up to you! If you’re interested in learning more about creating an eco-friendly bathroom, explore our sustainable solution archives or discover more bathroom inspiration on our Instagram page @sonasbathrooms.

SONAS remains committed to delivering water-saving, sustainable bathroom solutions throughout our product offering.

Looking to view our sustainable product selection for yourself? Make an appointment to visit our Dublin showroom here.