SONAS Electroflow Urinal Sensor


Product Code:

Electroflow US

Product Description:

SONAS Electroflow Urinal Sensor

Additional Information:

  • Electroflo electronic urinal flushing controls sit neatly above the urinal bowl and can be used with confidence in most commercial applications
  • Provides infra-red urinal flushing after each urinal has been used
  • Urinal flushing is activated when the user has moved away from the urinal
  • Flushing time can be adjusted from 3-20 seconds
  • Suitable for pressures of 0.3 - 8.0 bar
  • Sensor has a range of 55cm and is adjustable
  • Hygiene flush every 24 hours
  • Sensor and sensor plates come with 15mm pushfit connector and ½" BSP connectors respectively and can be easily isntalled into partitioning materials and tiles