Small but perfectly formed bathrooms

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We don't all have the luxury of big bathrooms but small doesn't necessarily mean you can't have a beautiful room that incorporates all the elements you want for your dream space. Here are some tips on what you should be thinking about.

  1. Think about your family and its needs now and in the future. Are you a couple with no kids yet, but are planning to have some in future? Do you have young children now or are they teenagers? This will all dictate the kind of space you create.
  2. Babies and young children usually prefer baths, so parents with smallies usually have baths on their wish lists. We have different size options available, as well as corner baths. You might not have to choose between a bath and a shower - you can have both. Talk to our experts about the measurements you need to make it work for you. As well as corner baths and showers, there's also the possibility of putting a shower over your bath and having a bath screen.
  3. It's not something we like to think about too much, but accessibility could be an issue in future as you age. If you no longer have use for your bath, you have the option of removing it and installing a slate shower tray and wet room panels for a luxurious wet room look that doesn't require you to tank out (water proof) your bathroom. We have various different sizes available, a wet room style bathroom is definitely possible, even if you are tight on space. 
  4. Wall mounted is your friend. Having your toilet and vanity elevated off the floor maximises your space. It not only makes the space look airier, it also gives you more room when you're standing at the basin as you have somewhere to tuck your feet under. 
  5. Play around with colour and light. You could have a feature wall or use different colours and textures to emphasise certain aspects of the room. Mirrors can also create the illusion of space. Modern Guest Bathroom Ideas
  6. Get your measurements right. We have loads of space saving furniture that looks fabulous but will be suitable for small spaces. From toilets to vanities, our range is diverse and you're sure to find something suitable. We love the display we had at the Ideal Home Show - and as you can see, this furniture and toilet works really well even even in a small space. Pictured here is the Resort Rimless Mini close coupled WC, the Prague floor standing unit, the Corby basin mono and the Ashton 1200 x 500 Heated towel rail. 
  7. Storage. Your still have potential for plenty of it even if your bathroom is small. Think vanity units and mirrored cabinets - every nook and cranny helps and keeps your bathroom free from clutter. All of these products - and more - are available from our catalogue. Check out our full range on