The Secret Bathroom Habits of Irish Men: survey

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WE asked the men of Ireland about their secret bathroom habits - and they came forward in their hundreds to reveal what goes on behind closed doors.

We've found out the good, the bad and the ugly about what goes on in the most private room in the house - and have busted some myths in the process.

It seems that the cliche about men always leaving the toilet seat up, for example, isn't true at all - as 82.8% in fact prefer to leave it down when they've done their business.

We also discovered that the age-old tradition of reading on the toilet has been replaced with scrolling through a smart phone - as 87.2% admitted to either regularly or sometimes using their phone whilst on the loo.


A total of 28.2% of people have actually dropped their phones down the toilet at one point or another.

The survey - which was carried out on our behalf by - is wholly unscientific but readers were asked to answer the questions honestly and anonymously.

More than half of the 500 respondents were aged between 18 and 25, 29% were 26-35, 13% were 34-41 and just under 3% were aged between 42 and 49.

A total of 68.2% were either married, in a relationship or living with their partner, whilst 31.8% were single.

It seems that daily showering isn't a habit that everyone partakes in - just 48.5% of the survey respondents said they take a shower every day, while 33.1% shower every other day.


Just under 14% shower a couple of times per week and it's just once a week for 2.2%. A further 2.2% of respondents asked if a shower from a can counted.

The most popular length of time to spend in the shower is between five and 10 minutes, which was chosen by 56.6% of respondents and 34.2% spend 15 minutes or more in the shower.

Six per cent spend less than five minutes in the shower and at the other end of the spectrum, 3.1% spend over half an hour in there.

As for shower rituals, most men wash their hair first (69.8%) while the torso was chosen by 12.3%, arms and face by 7.2%, bums and privates by 2% and legs first by 1.6%.

A total of 30.2% of men have confessed to regularly peeing in the shower, while the same figure admitted to doing so 'sometimes'. One in five have never done it, while another one in five 'rarely' have.

With regards making love in the shower, 35.8% do so only sometimes, with 33.8% rarely indulging in a bit of nookie in the shower.

Couple Legs

A total of 28% have never made love in the shower, while 2.3% regularly do so.

When it comes to other shower habits, 21.3% dry themselves while they're still standing in the shower, while 78.7% step out of it first.

Despite this, 38.2% reckon they don't leave any puddles on the floor, but when they do, just 33.6% of people dry them up straight away.

The most popular place for leaving a towel after a shower is on a hook at the back of the door (24.6%) followed by on the radiator (23.5%), on the towel rail (18.8%), in the laundry basked (15.4%) or on the floor (10.5%)

curved towel rail

When it comes to changing their towel, 32.3% of men do so after three uses, 29.8% after two uses, 17% after one use and 15.4% only change it when it starts to smell.

In terms of toilet habits, it seems that reading on the toilet is becoming a thing of the past - unless you count reading off a phone that is.

A total of 45.6% of men either never or rarely read 'traditional' materials on the toilet (books, magazines, the back of the bleach bottle) and just 23.7% regularly do.

And thankfully most Irish men seem to be considerate about cleaning up accidental urine spillages on the toilet seat - just 2% said they'd leave it there if they missed the bowl.

Worryingly, however, just 61.2% always wash their hands, while just under 3% said they only wash after they've had a poo. A further 2% admitted to rarely washing their hands and half a percent confessed to never doing so. A quarter said they do 'most of the time'.

When it comes to keeping their bathrooms clean, 34% of men said their mother/partner/cleaner/housemate or someone else always does the cleaning - but 23.9% give it a scrubbing once a week.

cleaning loo

A further one in five clean it a couple of times a month and 9% just once a month. Just under 6% only get the Marigolds out when the place starts to look really bad, while 3% only do it when they've got visitors. Around 3% do it a couple of times a year.

As for bad bathroom habits, 64% of men admit to leaving splash marks on the mirror, 43% lead empty toilet roll holders 41% leave hair in the plug hole, 27% leave dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, 23% leave toothpaste on the taps after they've brushed their teeth and 8.7% don't rinse the handbasin after having a shave.

When it comes to bathroom storage, most people (85.5%) keep toiletries in their cupboards, while 43.2% use them to store the spare toilet paper.

Nearly 43% use their bathroom storage to store cleaning products such as bottles of bleach, while 12.8% store towels and 10.7% keep their medicine in their bathroom cabinet.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Managing Director of SONAS Bathrooms, Richard Sloan, said: "We had a lot of fun with this survey - it was great to get people answering questions so honestly about what they get up to in the bathroom."

"We busted some myths - like the one about men always leaving the toilet seat up - but we also discovered some of the dirtier habits, such as quite a high percentage of people not washing their hands after the toilet or actually going to the loo in the shower."

He continued: "We wanted to carry out this survey because the bathroom is pretty much a central part of the house. It's the one room that every single member of the family will use at one point or another throughout the day or night, yet very few people talk about what goes on behind closed doors. We thought it would be fun to spill some of the nation's secrets."