Introducing NEW RIMLESS Design Technology

Categories: Bathrooms

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At SONAS Bathrooms we continuously develop new and exciting solutions to enhance your bathroom experience.  A case in point is our new RIMLESS DESIGN Technology.


It can be difficult sometimes to clean under the rim of a standard toilet as the toilet brush doesn't reach everywhere.  RIMLESS DESIGN technology provides an ultra-hygienic solution for your bathroom.  With no hidden rim, there is simply nowhere for germs to hide. A quick wipe is all that is required to clean your toilet, also resulting in less use of cleaning products as there is no need to squirt cleaning products under the rim.
The specially designed distributor directs the water around the bowl to effectively clean all areas every time resulting in a totally clean and efficient flush.


The rimless design also means no rim shadow which looks fantastic as well as making it easier to clean.


Environmentally Friendly

With no rim for germs to gather in there is less need for cleaning products to be squirted under the rim, leading to a more environmentally friendly product.

We have a wide selection of rimless toilets from close coupled and wall hung to back to wall.