Let the sun shine: summer trends for your bathroom.

Categories: Bathrooms

Word on the street is that Easter is going to be a scorcher - hurray! It's the perfect time of year for spring cleaning and giving your home a bit of a facelift. We've got some ideas on how you can add some summer sunshine to your bathroom.

1. Colour. Don't be afraid to add some colour to your bathroom. The days of sticking to white or neutrals for furniture are gone. A splash of brightness can really make all the difference and add some freshness to the room. We love the Aubergine Avila range. It stands out and its purple hue will definitely be a focal point in your bathroom.

2. Blooming gorgeous: add some flowers to your bathroom. There's nothing quite like a bunch of something fresh and beautiful to put a smile on your face. Leaving flowers in the bathroom adds a touch of class and really brightens up the room in a simple way. Greenery is good for you, so plants will also work and will last. And the smell of fresh flowers epitomises summer. 

3. De-clutter. This is the perfect time for a tidy. Dump all those half used toiletries that have been in your cabinet since 2012. If you haven't used it by now, you're not going to. Give your bathroom a thorough, deep clean and you'll be amazed at how much more appealing it will be. A tidy, sparkling bathroom will catch those sun rays nicely.

4. Accessorise. A bright piece of art, colourful towels or a brightly coloured play mat will add some zest to your bathroom and brighten up your day.

5. A fantastic shower. Nothing beats a powerful shower. Is yours more of a trickle? If so, you should really check out or fantastic range. Whether it's a thermostatic kit or one of our luxury kits, the right shower will leave you feeling refreshed and energised. 

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