Creating the perfect family bathroom

Categories: Bathrooms

IS YOUR bathroom a space that the whole family shares? Not everyone lives in a house with en-suites, so the room is often a space that must be shared between adults and kids, males and females. So it can be tricky to create a room that ticks the right boxes for everyone. Here, we've come up with some ideas to help you come up with a solution that fits the whole family - whatever their age.

  1. Getting ready in the morning can be chaotic if people need to use the bathroom at the same time. If you've got more than one child and they're scrambling to get ready in time for school, you should think about getting a double vanity unit so that they can do things like wash their faces and brush their teeth without too many rows. We adore the Twyford E500 1200 double wall hung vanity unit in grey. It's practical - with plenty of storage space for everyone's bits and bobs, plenty of room for two people to get ready at the same time - and stylish. So whether it's someone shaving and someone else brushing their teeth, or two kids getting ready, having two basins definitely reduces stress and arguments in the morning. 
  2. Even if you don't have the space for a double vanity unit, you should consider getting an extra large mirror - people can still get ready at the same time if they have enough space to check out their reflections. We have a fabulous selection of mirrors in varying sizes and that can be hung in either landscape or portrait. 
  3. Put some thought into choosing your toilets - we have a huge variety. With wall mounted, you can pick the height at which you want to hang them - meaning you can make them low enough for kids, or high to suit someone tall. We also have comfort height toilets to suit taller people or to make it easier for an elderly person to use. Your kids can also use a step, which are available in various shops. 

4. Storage, storage and more storage. Keep your bathroom clutter free as much as possible so that it's always a sanctuary and a calm space. It might not be so easy if you've got kids, but if you have plenty of storage to hide clutter, it makes life a lot easier. Think vanity units with in build storage, or consider a matching wall column for a sophisticated look. You could also keep separate baskets for each person's bits and bobs, meaning everyone is responsible for tidying their own stuff away. Mirrored cabinets are also great for keeping stuff out of reach of kids.5. Make the room appealing to kids by adding splashes of colour with your accessories. Hang colourful art, or keep a basket of toys handy to make bath time more fun. Create a space that's inviting for them too. 

6. Add a little luxury for the grown ups. Chances are, if you've got young children, you'll want to have a bath as well as a shower in your bathroom. Why not make it a sumptuous freestanding one that will make bath time a real treat for you as well. Take time for yourself. Pamper yourself and unwind. There's nothing quite like a bath to add some relaxation to your day.

As always, we are always on hand to advise on all of your bathroom requirements so please contact us with any queries, and check out our full range online or in our catalogue.