Cringe! Mums reveal their most embarrassing bathroom moments...

Cringe! Mums reveal their most embarrassing bathroom moments...
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WE recently carried out a survey to ask Irish mums about their secret bathroom habits - and we found out everything from how often they shower to how regularly they clean their bathrooms. You can check out our findings here. Now, to give mums a laugh ahead of Mother's Day, we lift the lid on the hilarious embarrassing moments that some mums confessed to in their responses. These are just some of their (anonymous!) stories....

  • I blocked a friend's toilet and had to try and unblock it with a plastic bag I found in her bathroom and a glove --- DO NOT ASK!
  • Puking into the bath after a night out & not remembering until my husband goes in the next morning & gets a lovely surprise.
  • Leaving my dirty knickers on the floor and forgetting they were there and a friend uses the bathroom.
  • Getting locked in the toilet in the cinema, staff member caught me half way under the door. Couldn't get the rest of the way out without help as I was laughing so hard.
  • I couldn't flush a poo in a new boyfriends house.
  • When I was in a restaurant went into the men's not paying attention came out of cubicle to three men weeing.
  • Putting in a tampon and my son walking in.
  • My son seeing me put on a sanitary pad and asking me why I was wearing a nappy.
  • We have four children but only one loo so weeing in the shower when the loo is being used!
  • When I ran out of toilet paper and had to make a sprint downstairs to the other toilet and my four year old told everyone mammy did a poo and had no wipes...eeeeek!
  • Rushing to get dressed after a shower. Later while standing in the chemist I could feel something falling down the leg of my jeans. It just happened to be my knickers!
  • Caught shaving my "lady garden" by the 4 year old. Awkward conversation followed.
  • I sat in a sink when drunk and it broke and I fell to the ground.
  • Did a poop in my brother in-law's house at the weekend and toilet would flush AND I got locked in cause the door is a bit sticky.
  • Older kid opened the door on me as I was mid wipe and my mother in law was coming out of her bedroom.
  • Having my baby unexpectedly in our bathroom and ten minutes late four male paramedics joined us.
  • A giant poo that wouldn't flush for three days.
  • I couldn't get out of bath when I was pregnant hubby had to pull me out!
  • I rushed to the bathroom on a night out as I was bursting, I didn't notice the lid was down and as I peed on it, it was splashing all over the backs of my legs and I was soaked
  • Toddler opening the door as I was in the middle of peeing - in a shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon.

So there we have it. Care to share your most embarrassing bathroom moment? Don't forget to spoil your mum on March 26th.