Creating a harmonious bathroom space for couples

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Here's a question: have you and your significant other ever had a game of 'elbows' over the basin as you both scramble to brush your teeth before bed? Or practically trampled over each other to make it into the bath/shower first in the morning rush? Even the happiest of couples can get grumpy if they're kept waiting for the bathroom. It can get definitely get competitive too. So, if you want to have some 'me' time and space in the bathroom but you also want to avoid a domestic battle, what steps can you take to create the ultimate bathroom for couples?
Romantic bathrooms
1. Luxury and practicality are the key touchstones here. You want a room which looks and feels fabulous, but one in which you have breathing space too. One obvious step is to install 'his and hers' basins. We have gorgeous double vanity units but if you really wanted to make your space individual, you could install separate units. So no more squabbles over hair in the basin or toothpaste on the taps if everyone is responsible for their own space. We've got various different double vanity units to choose from. We love this Avila Gloss Grey. Sleek, sophisticated and the colour is chic and would suit various bathroom styles.
2. Think of some of those annoying bathroom habits of your partner, and then you'll have no end of ideas as to how to combat them. Towels on the floor? How about extra robe hooks or a luxury heated towel rail? Some stylish yet discrete storage space here can make life a lot easier when you and your partner are racing the clock in the morning. We love the slick robe hooks for our wet room panels. They are stylish, discrete and your towels are easily accessible from the shower when you need them. A heated towel rail will also keep your towels toasty and heat up your room as well. Fab. heated towel rail
Mirrors are often another battle ground for couples vying for space to shave or for makeup application. Accessories are also important - giving you space for things like holding your toothbrush and lotions and potions. Our fab mirrors come in various sizes and some have LED lights built in for added glamour. bathroom mirror
But there's more to a bathroom for two than competing concerns. It can be a place of splendid isolation but there's nothing that states you can't unwind in here with your partner - so think luxury and romance. A big, deep bath can have room for two. Ditto the shower. If your bathroom feels like a luxury spa, then you'll feel like any time in there is a treat to self and maybe a chance to cuddle up somewhere other than the couch. Think luxurious freestanding baths or a shower built for two. We have wet room panels of all sizes - why not spoil yourself and install two luxurious rain shower heads as well.
freestanding bath
Tick a few of these boxes and your bathroom will start to feel more like a place you share. After all, isn't that what we all want? Check out for our full range of products. Or click here to find your nearest SONAS Bathrooms retailer.