Check out our top picks for kids' bath toys.

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EVERYONE loves bath time  - whether you're a grown up who relishes in a relaxing soak or a little who loves nothing more than a splash around. Since it's coming up to Christmas, we've decided to take a look at the top bath toys out there to make bath time even more fun for the kids. Here are our favourites.

*Who doesn't love pirate ships? This Tomy Pirate Bath Ship has loads of cool features - including an octopus who squirts water. There's a cannon and a big spinning wheel and even a little dingy. Ahoy there!

pirate ship bath

2. Sticking with the boat theme, we also love the B. Fish n Splish Boat Bath Toy. The set has a floating boat, captain, toy life preserver, octopus comb, whale nailbrush, fishing hook, four ready- to-catch fish and three nesting cups. Who wouldn't have more fun in the bath with something like this?

bsplash toy

3. Who says you have to relax in the bath - how about a game of basketball instead? This cool little bath toy from Little Tikes is great for hand eye coordination and is perfect for younger kids who bath together. It has suction cups so you can stick it to the wall or tiles.

basketball hoop

4. Every kid loves bubbles and the bath really wouldn't be complete without bubbles - especially of the popping variety. The Munchkin's Bath Fun Bubble Blower is penguin shaped and cute and the motorised wands blow bubbles out continuously. You can attach it to your bath's sides.

bath bubbles

5. I have yet to meet a pre-schooler who doesn't love Paw Patrol and these bath time pups are perfect for fans of the cartoon. No batteries required and the squirters are suitable for children aged 2 and up. Soft, squishy and squirty!

paw patrol bath

6. Drawing in the bathroom might not be the norm but these Crayola crayons are perfect for doodling on the bath. Bring out the mini Picasso in your kids with these. And the best thing about them is they (apparently!) clean off very easily.


And of course, if you need to upgrade your bath to hold all of these fun items, check out our fabulous range here.