2024 Bathroom Trends

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2024 Bathroom Trends

As the bathroom experts, SONAS are here to guide you through our top 5 bathroom trends for 2024, blending functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics, to redefine how we experience the most important room in the home-the bathroom!


1. Push on Pastels

Colour is a major bathroom trend for 2024, and pastels are making a comeback. While neutral bathroom will still be popular, the new year will see the rise of soft pastel blues and pastel pinks, injecting character into spaces that need a fresh look.

Pastel pink shades demonstrated in this bathroom featuring the new ASPECT Scandinavian Cashmere Pink Wetroom Panels.



2. Matchy-matchy

Along with subtle shades being used in the bathroom, matching colours will see a huge boom in bathrooms for 2024.

What we mean by 'matchy-matchy' colour is the use of colour through numerous points in your design. Think coloured toilets matched with coloured basins, and coloured units matched with coloured shower profiles. This careful colour coordination not only adds character to your bathroom but enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a harmonious flow and visually appealing bathroom space.

Featuring coordinated colour through our new SAMOA freestanding bath and FINLAND unit, tied together with the new ASPECT Scandinavian Morning Sky Blue Wetroom Panels


3. Quiet Luxury

Even with the surge of colour, relaxation isn’t compromised in a neutral bathroom with Scandi-vibes. The trend, ‘quiet luxury’, is based on showcasing simple colours with an emphasis on the design of the products within your space.

In 2024 bathrooms we will see a push on features such as backlit mirror lighting and heated demisters. We will also see a lot of texture in bathrooms for 2024, particularly in features like fluted glass. The unique texture of fluted glass not only adds a touch of sophistication but also plays with light, creating subtle visual interest.

It’s a trend that transcends mere aesthetics, offering an elevated and tranquil bathroom experience.

The new MIRAGE Matt Black Fluted Glass Wetroom Panels provide texture which creates a seamless quiet-luxury inspired design



4. Sustainability

As sustainability gains prominence in the building sector, it becomes a crucial consideration for individuals undertaking renovations or self-builds. With building regulations becoming more stringent over time, it’s imperative to consider future-proofing your home with sustainable choices.

Beyond meeting regulatory requirements, sustainable choices contribute to the longevity and value of your home. Consider water-saving and energy-efficient products for your bathroom, such as including towel warmers designed to retain heat for longer periods. Sustainability encompasses the products you select, their water and energy efficiency, and their environmental impact.

These factors will significantly influence the design decisions for bathrooms in 2024. It’s crucial to educate yourself on this enduring bathroom trend.

Highlighting our ALITA Exposed Shower Kit and ALITA Wall Mounted Basin Mixers, Certified by the Unified Water Label for their water-saving capabilities



5. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design, or bringing the outdoors ‘in’, involves incorporating materials, colours, and textures inspired by nature into your space.

In bathrooms, trends for 2024 include the calming presence of plants, the warmth of natural light, and the texture of earthy materials.

When done right, Biophilic design has proven benefits such as stress reduction, improved mental well-being, and enhanced air quality. All of these add to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

Embracing green in this gorgeous design, showcasing the FREYA Floorstanding Unit in Wreath Green with matching ASPECT Scandinavian Wetroom Panels from our 2024 Collection



Find more Inspiration at a SONAS Retailer Near You

As always with trends, while they may dominate Instagram feeds in the new year, it’s essential to remember that what works for others might not be the best fit for your space. Prioritise the functionality of your bathroom and consider what makes sense for you. Remember, SONAS bathroom products boast enduring style and quality. No matter your choice, we guarantee lasting performance for years to come. Consider this when selecting your items, ensuring you choose a product you genuinely love - regardless of the trend you're following!

If you’re looking to find some more inspiration for your reno or self-build project in the new year, then make sure you check out your nearest supplier of SONAS products. For a list of locations you can browse and buy from click here.