Autumnal Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration

Autumnal Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration
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Autumnal Bathroom Ideas and Inspiration

As evenings get shorter and temperatures drop, it’s time to start thinking about how you can cosy up your space for winter. Autumn is that time of year where the candles get lit, blankets are taken out of storage, and interior colour palettes get darker and moodier. There’s something oh-so special about the changing of the seasons especially when it comes to giving your home a seasonal refresh.

However, there is one very important place that always seems to miss out on autumnal styling – the bathroom!

You may not think it, but your bathroom can be just as easily transformed for autumn as any other room in your home. As the bathroom experts, SONAS are here to guide you on ways to incorporate autumnal charm into your bathroom.



Rich Golds, Rusty Browns, Forest Greens, Terracotta, and Deep Blue shades are particularly popular this time of year

1. Embracing Autumn's Shades

As we transition into autumn, the bathroom becomes a canvas for infusing warmth and character into your space, and colour is an obvious choice for this. We see a lot of rich golds, rusty browns, forest greens, terracotta, and deep blue shades cropping up as we head into autumn, with these shades evoking a sense of belonging, stability and reliability. By painting your walls, introducing colourful textiles such as towels, and adding colourful decorative items like soap dispensers, colourful vases, and storage containers, you can incorporate colourful charm for instant autumnal appeal.



Cosy Textures will add warmth to your space with minimal effort

2. Textures for Bathroom Ideas

Textures play a key part in your bathroom design. Think fluffy bath mats, cosy towels, and including some textured accessories to soften the space. If you’ve stuck with black or white elements throughout your bathroom, why not think about adding some softer textures as we head into the colder months? Fabric boxes or baskets for organisation or even rattan items such as planters and accessories could be just what your space needed.



Heating is key especially as the nights get colder

3. Heating for Bathroom Planning Ideas

Colder nights call for comfy evenings. Think of cosy duvets, water bottles, and as many pillows as you can fit onto your sofa. The same translates across to your bathroom, but it isn’t always easy to place pillows around your bath or shower – for obvious reasons! Instead think about how you can infuse warmth into your bathroom. Towel Warmers are a great choice for colder evenings with their ability to add subtle warmth to your space and heat up your towels so you’re toasty warm coming straight from your shower. Now that’s a little bit of luxury we can get on board with! The ARYA Towel Warmer Range is our top choice when it comes to evoking that sense of autumnal warmth into your bathroom.


Mirrors with both Warm and Cool Function Lighting are particularly useful when it comes to lighting your space

4. Warm Inviting Lighting

Normally you have many different lighting zones in a room that can help create a certain ambience of warmth and serenity. The same can’t be said for your bathroom where you generally have your main lighting option along with an LED Bathroom Mirror occasionally.

Lighting is key to creating a warm and inviting space so this can sometimes be difficult to achieve in bathrooms. However, we have a suggestion for you that just might help!

Instead of embracing the bright white bathroom lighting that we all know, why not look at swapping your lightbulb out for a warmer-toned option, or even swapping out your light shade altogether in a copper or soft brass finish to create that autumnal bathroom appeal. You could also look at adding an LED Bathroom Mirror if you don’t have one already, such as the ASTRID Beam LED Round Mirror, which has both cool and warm lighting options. This evokes a sense of warmth in any basic white bathroom space. And in cases where adding an LED Bathroom Mirror doesn't work, candles are always a great alternative that add warmth to a space!



Greenery can help break up your space and add some much needed colour

5. Bring the Outdoors In for Bathroom Inspiration Ideas

Plants and greenery can be a real turning point when it comes to autumnal décor for your bathroom. Potted plants and fresh flowers effortlessly connect your space to nature, reinvigorating your space with colour and life. Along with this, they also break up the space by adding a burst of colour to what could potentially be a very stark or dark place.

If you’re looking for plants that thrive in bathrooms, look for orchids, begonias or ferns to complete your bathroom for autumn.


How to Incorporate Autumnal Styling in your Bathroom

By incorporating at least 2-3 of the above bathroom ideas you are guaranteed to embrace autumnal ambience in your bathroom and allow colourful charm to take hold. Autumn may be a time where days draw to a close earlier, but what better way to relax for the cold evenings than by enjoying a fabulous SONAS bathroom in your very own home!

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