5 reasons to love wall mounted toilets

Categories: Bathrooms

YOU MAY think that a toilet is just a toilet until you sit down to actually choose one for your new build or renovation - but there are loads of different options available. From rimless to fully shrouded, from close coupled to floor standing and wall mounted - the list of possibilities is huge, so you need to do your homework. Here, we're checking out wall mounted toilets and explaining why we love them.

  1. They're sleek and stylish. There are no pipes or cisterns on display and they can blend into the room pretty seamlessly. The toilet is rarely something someone wants as the focal point of the bathroom, so a discrete wall mounted toilet can allow other features to shine - your fabulous vanity units and storage, your stunning free standing bath. Allow these to take centre stage instead.
  2. Wall hung toilets take up so much less space than conventional toilets, so if you're short on room, it's an ideal solution. This makes them great for small bathrooms or en-suites. 
  3. Wall mounted toilets are way easier to clean than traditional toilets. It's easy to get a hoover or a mop underneath it, and you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to get under any pipes or bases. Suddenly, cleaning the toilet got a whole lot easier - even more so if you've got a rimless.
  4. You get to customise the height of your toilet. Although we do have different heights available - our comfort height toilets for example are taller than conventional toilets - your wall mounted toilet can be installed at a height that's perfect for you. Are you particularly tall? Or is there an accessibility factor for your bathroom? Having a wall mounted toilet means you can have it as high or as low as you need - it's basically custom fit for you.
  5. Wall mounted toilets are more environmentally friendly - typically they use about 20% less water than conventional toilets. The water charges may be up in the air, but if money isn't a consideration with usage, at least you know that you're doing a little bit for the planet.

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