Wet room dos and don'ts

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SONAS bathrooms dos and don't of wetrooms

Are you thinking about creating a wet room in your home? They're stylish and fashionable and they add an air of sophistication. As well as this, recent figures from the UK show that having a wet room adds value to your property, should you choose to put it on the market in future.

What is a wet room?

A wet room is basically a shower room that doesn't have the traditional shower enclosures. Done properly, a wet room makes your bathroom look sleek and expensive - like something you'd see in a hotel or spa.

If you want to install a wet room, you'll have to create a gradient or slope on the floor so that that the water from your shower doesn't pool and drains away effectively. This has to be done by your plumber/installer, and then it's tiled over. Having a wet room means that the entire room has to be tanked out - sealed and waterproofed - to prevent any leaks or water damage. This is especially important for an upstairs bathroom. Again, this is something your plumber will look after.

SONAS Bathrooms Limit Anthracite Shower trays

Here at SONAS Bathrooms, we also have solutions for people who want the look and feel of a wet room but don't come with a hefty price tag. We've got some fabulous products that will help you create a gorgeous bathroom that oozes sophistication and style and will give the same vibes as a wet room does.

Our slate trays - which come in various sizes and colours - are really slimline, which means you won't have a big step up into it like a traditional shower and they come with a non-slip surface for extra safety. Check out our range here. Having a shower tray means that you don't have to worry about the tanking out of your room, but the slimline nature of this gives it the look of a wet room. You'll also save on labour costs because tiling can be time consuming.

We have a large selection of wet room panels too. Some people choose not to have any panels at all when they install a wet room, but if your bathroom is on the small side, or if you want to make sure to keep the 'dry' part of the bathroom dry, then panels can be a good idea. There's nothing fun about wet towels or soggy toilet paper after all!
wet room panels
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