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Tips for Creating a Cleaning-Friendly Bathroom

Let’s face it, cleaning the bathroom is probably not your favourite chore. No one likes getting the rubber gloves out and scrubbing the loo. And unclogging the shower drain of hair or washing soap scum off the shower door isn’t exactly a picnic either. But what if we told you that certain bathroom products are much easier to keep clean than others and that you should definitely consider them if you’re starting from scratch with a new build or extension? Here at SONAS Bathrooms, we’re definitely all about making life easier for you, so here are our tips for creating a bathroom that’s a lot more cleaning friendly.

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Go for a rimless toilet

You may not have heard of them, but rimless toilets have been standard in places like hospitals and healthcare facilities in recent years. The reason being is because they’re much more hygienic than regular toilets. A rim free toilet is exactly as it sounds: it has no rim under which germs can hide. In a standard toilet, there’s a rim or ridge from which the water flows when you flush your loo. In rimless, the water flows out from a particular point at the back of your bowl and cleans it in just the same way. Rimless toilets are super easy to keep clean - a quick wipe or rub with your toilet brush and you’re off. You’ll find all our rimless toilets here.  Wall Mounted Toilets SONAS Bathrooms

Wall mounted toilets.

There are numerous benefits to having a wall mounted toilet and one of the major pros is that they’re super easy to clean. The only part of a wall mounted toilet that is visible to you is the bowl - the rest is concealed and boxed away. It’s really easy to mop under your wall mounted toilet and there are no visible pipes at the back to gather dust and splashes from anyone who happens to have bad aim - and let’s face it, sometimes people, especially kids, have trouble getting everything into the actual toilet! A wall mounted toilet is fuss free and a doddle to clean under and around. Our wall mounted toilets are available here.fully shrouded toilets SONAS Bathrooms

Fully shrouded toilets

Not everyone can have wall mounted toilets if their waste pipes are laid a particular way - but fret not. There are other toilet options that make your weekly bathroom clean easier. Fully shrouded toilets also avoid that dust/fluff/germ collection at the back of the toilet because they’re flush against the wall and the pipe work is concealed within them. Our fully shrouded loos are here.Mia Bath Ideal Homes SONAS Bathrooms

Freestanding baths

If you’re a fan of freestanding baths but don’t fancy the idea of having to clean underneath a claw footed tub, make life a little easier on yourself on the cleaning front by going for a contemporary bath that sits directly on the floor. As beautiful and glamorous as a bath on legs is, getting underneath with the mop to clean up any water splashes or dust bunnies can be tricky. A gorgeous sleek freestanding bath such as the Chloe, Mia or Hannah Gresham sits directly on the floor, meaning you only have to worry about cleaning around them and not underneath them too. Check out our full range of contemporary freestanding baths hereAspect wet room panels SONAS Batrooms

Clear Shield Easy Clean Glass

Here at SONAS Bathrooms, our shower doors and wet room panels come with Clear Shield Easy Clean Glass. This means they’ve got a special coating that helps repels the likes of soap scum and makes cleaning so much easier. All you have to do is give your shower door a quick rub down with hot, soapy water - so there’s no need for any harsh chemicals. In fact, they could damage your door, so avoid these if you can.

So there you have lots of great products that will cut down on the amount of time you have to spend cleaning your bathroom. Click here to read our tips for cleaning your bathroom without harsh chemicals - a cheaper and more eco-friendly way to add sparkle.

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