SONAS Bathrooms Welcomes Ciara Drennan Interior Designer as a Speaker at house 2019

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Ciara Drennan Interior Designer

SONAS Bathrooms is delighted to welcome Ciara Drennan Interior Designer as a speaker on the Inspiration Stage at the upcoming house event in RDS

Ciara has a long history with SONAS, specifying our products in many of her projects both domestic and commercial.

Ciara graduated from the Dublin Institute of Design in 2004. Since then, she has been helping clients create their dream homes.  Ciara focuses on room layout, lighting, texture and colour and reckons that once you get these key aspects right, your space will flow perfectly.

Having built her own home recently, Ciara is all about creating practical spaces that suit families and promote functional homes.  She helps clients choose everything from colours to flooring, skirting boards, paint and lighting.

She said: “People can get overwhelmed with a blank canvas at times.
When you’ve got decision after decision to make it can be quite daunting so getting professional help is definitely worth it to take the stress away and
to ensure you end up with the house you want as it can be difficult pulling it all together.”

She added: “I help with everything down to skirting boards and door handles if that’s what the client needs.  People often don’t know where to start so I’ll put a bit of organisation on everything.”

Ciara does shopping days with clients and to help them accessorise their homes.
She said: “I have my go-to places that I bring clients to - such as the SONAS Bathrooms showroom - and I help them pick out pieces.
It's great to have a sense of what they like visually, so it's always important to see products up close and personal, which is why the house exhibition is great as well.

It’s the little things that add up to creating a house that’s also a home, according to Ciara. And little touches of luxury that make all the difference.

She explains: “In the bathroom, for example, there are little things that you can do that will add wow-factor and that will make the room that little bit extra for people.

Things like mirrors with demisters so that when you’re getting out of the shower, you don’t have to wait or start cleaning it before you’re able to put on your makeup. Heat pads under your tiles so that they’re nice and warm - they give the effect of underfloor heating even if you don’t have it. Heated towel rails are another thing that add luxury.”

Ciara is a SONAS Bathrooms brand ambassador and will lend her expertise at house 2019.