Simple steps for a bathroom de-clutter

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Bathroom de-clutter 101

We all know about spring cleaning, but there’s something about this time of year that also lends itself to cleansing your home and getting rid of any unused or unwanted clutter that’s taking up valuable space. Perhaps it’s something to do with the fact that we’ll all be going on shopping sprees over the coming weeks in preparation for Christmas - you know what they say, out with the old and in with the new... We’ve put together some tips here on de-cluttering your bathroom and making the most of your space there. Here's how to do a bathroom de-clutter in a few short steps.

bathroom de-clutter

Be brutal...

*Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past year. If you’ve got shelves clogged with half used moisturisers or bottles of conditioner that have been there since 2009, get rid. Chances are, if you haven’t used it recently, you’re not going to use it. If it’s unopened, consider gifting it to someone (as long as it’s not past its use by date!) or donating it to a charity shop. You might have bath sets that won't suit your skin type, or that you don’t like the smell of. Get rid of them. Be brutal, you’ll feel much better when you get them out of the way.


*Check out our accessories sets. Having proper, good quality accessories will encourage you to have less clutter in your bathroom. Buy large bottles of hand soap and decant into our soap dispensers. Or if you prefer bars of soap, keep your basin cleaner and by installing one of our soap holders. We also have fabulous shower caddies so there’s no need to have the shower tray cluttered with bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Proper accessories finish off your bathroom so well and ours come with a 10 year guarantee.

bathroom accessories

Hang those towels...

*Hang your towels properly. Don’t give people an excuse to throw them on the floor. Install one of our fabulous heated towel rails, which come in various sizes and heat outputs, depending on the size of your bathroom. We also have fabulous hooks for our shower doors, giving you easy access to them when you need them. The bathroom looks so much tidier when you don’t have towels on the floor or in a heap.

heated towel rail

Vanity units...

*Replace your traditional pedestal basin with a vanity unit. We’ve got loads that have plenty of divided storage for all your bits and bobs. Whether it’s cupboard space or drawers you’re after, we’ve got something for everyone with our stylish range.

vanity units

Out of sight...

*Keep your cleaning products hidden from view. Don’t leave bleach or toilet cleaner sitting beside the loo - it looks untidy. Keep them in one of our storage columns, along with spare toilet paper and anything else you usually store in the bathroom. When they’re hidden behind closed doors, your bathroom will look a lot tidier and spacious. Keep dirty laundry and dirty towels off the floor by keeping a nice laundry hamper.

bathroom storage

Minimalistic Display...

*Add a spa-vibe to your bathroom by having little wicker baskets for your face cloths, bath oils and bath bombs. Keep your nice bottle of perfume or a shaving brush on display.

bathroom accessories

Mirrored hideaway...

*Mirrored cabinets are a great multi-purpose item for your bathroom. You can keep a multitude hidden from view in them - from medicine, to makeup, toiletries and more. Our mirrored cabinets come in various sizes and in single, double or with three doors. Choose one that suits the size of your bathroom, but either way, you’ll have somewhere to hide your bits and pieces.

mirrored cabinet

Double up...

*Speaking of multi-purpose, we also love the Edera Double Towel Shelf - it’s practical and keeps things neat and tidy. Whether it’s candles or more practical items, you can display them on this shelf, which doubles up as a towel rail.

towel rail shelf

Keeping your bathroom clutter free and fresh will make it so much nicer to sit back and enjoy a luxurious bubble bath, or help you get ready more efficiently in the morning. Check out our full range of products on for our full range of products.