Make your Small Bathroom Bigger with these Effective Ideas

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Make your Small Bathroom Bigger with these Effective IdeasA great way to make your small bathroom bigger is to save space by removing the bath and replace it as a shower room. Depending on the size available there are plenty of options on shower trays to suit almost any bathroom. Indeed if you are feeling really adventurous you can stretch the area out by transforming your bathroom into a wetroom.

You probably think that your bathroom is too small to be a wetroom. This couldn't be further from the truth. Every bathroom can be transformed, all it takes is a little creative design. With some intelligent design, your bathroom can open up into a space your whole family can enjoy.

How to make a small bathroom look bigger

By matching the floor and wall tiles it gives off the illusion of more space. The larger the tile and simpler the design of the tile, the less you will feel like the walls are closing in on your space. Also, selecting the right glass panel can also cleverly separate the space but at the same time opening up the bathroom.



How to make a small bathroom look bigger with tileSmart storage solutions can mean a clutter free, spacious bathroom. In small spaces, shelving or cabinets swelling out from the wall can sometimes feel a little claustrophobic giving off a feeling of being 'boxed-in'. Try keep everything waist level if you can, and you can save a few crucial inches by selecting something like a slimline vanity unit.

Try romantic lighting

A clever trick when it comes to lighting in a small bathroom is to use dimmer lights. By creating shadows, psychologically it gives your eyes a sense of near and far. A small room with the same light texture can feel like the walls are closing in.

This last idea might sound a little funny, but really it can be very effective when making your small bathroom bigger. Hide the bath mat. I know some people like it on the floor because they want it to add colour, but in a small bathroom it can section off the floor. When you are not using your bath or shower, simply store your mat away to free up valuable floor space.