Marvelous Mirrors : Your Mirror Buying Guide

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Marvelous Mirrors : Your Mirror Buying Guide

Bathroom Mirrors : Bathroom Mirror Buying Guide
No bathroom is complete without the perfect mirror, but how do you choose the right one? The SONAS Bathrooms mirror guide will give you all the necessary information you need to select the perfect mirror for your space.


Can I use a regular mirror in the bathroom?

In short, yes you can use regular mirrors in a bathroom, but we strongly advise against this for many reasons.

Safety is the most important reason not to use a regular mirror in the bathroom. Bathroom mirrors are made with tempered glass, meaning that the glass is stronger and when shattered it forms small rounded shards of glass rather than jagged pieces, helping to prevent injuries

Another reason is that regular mirrors become foggy more easily, which is not ideal if you are having a hot shower or bath. A lot of bathroom mirrors now include heated demister pads to help prevent the build up of steam and condensation.

What size mirror should I get?

There are various factors that you should take into consideration when choosing the right sized mirror, it also depends on your preference.

If you are opting for a single mirror over your basin or vanity unit, the general rule of thumb is that the mirror should not be wider than the basin or unit.  Other ideas include a full wall mirror, or if you have a double sink or vanity unit you can either fit one large bathroom mirror that spans across the full width or hang two separate mirrors.

When it comes to the hanging height of the mirror, it should reach about a foot above and below the eyeline of whoever will be using it.

Top tip - a taller mirror can enhance a sense of space in your bathroom.

Bathroom Mirrors : Bathroom Mirror Buying Guide SANSA Mirror with All Round LED Light 600Hx800W


Should I get a mirror with lights?

Illuminated bathroom mirrors provide a way to enhance your bathroom’s style as well as providing a practical use. LED mirrors are the perfect way to create a light source in the bathroom that can be used to apply beauty products, makeup and help illuminate your face while shaving.

There are many styles and shapes of LED mirrors. Another new trend that is on the rise, is colour temperature changing illumination. The fresh cool white light energises and invigorates and is perfect for your morning routine and when your day is done, switch to a warm white light to create a sense of relaxation, helping you to unwind and get ready for bed.

Bathroom Mirrors : Bathroom Mirror Buying Guide ASTRID Style Rope Illuminated Round 800x800mm Mirror


What mirror shape should I choose?

There are many shapes of bathroom mirrors to choose from; oval, round, square and rectangular.

Rectangular mirrors are a very popular choice and a versatile option. For a minimalist feeling opt for a sleek LED rectangular mirror.

ALEX Backlit Rectangle 500x700mm Mirror

For a more relaxed, simpler look, round bathroom mirrors are the perfect choice. Round mirrors create a sense of softness, which can fit in perfectly if you have geometric designs and hard surfaces in your bathroom.

ALEX Backlit Round 800x800mm Mirror


If you want something a little different but want to keep the softness of a round mirror, Oval bathroom mirrors are a great option.

SANSA Perimeter Oval 600x800mm Mirror

If you are looking for a statement piece, Round mirrors that hang by a strap help create that wow factor.

ASTRID Style Rope Feature Illuminated Round 600x600mm Mirror ASTRID Style Rope Feature Illuminated Round 600x600mm Mirror


What are the benefits of mirror cabinets?

Mirror cabinets are the perfect mix of storage and style. These mirror cabinets are available with and without integrated lights, and some incorporate heated demisters and charging sockets.

Mirror cabinets are a great place to keep your toiletries and beauty products hidden away yet easily accessible, helping your bathroom remain organised and clutter free.

If you want a level finish, some mirror cabinets can be installed/recessed into your wall to create a sleek effect.

SANSA Recessed Illuminated cabinet 600x700mm

Mirror cabinets are also available in different finishes to suit your bathroom furniture. From Gloss White, to Craft Oak, there is something to suit everyone.

OTTO Plus Gloss Grey 60 Mirror Cabinet

Mirror cabinets can also come in single, double and triple doors to suit your storage requirements. Single and recessed mirror cabinets are perfect for your smaller WC or ensuite bathroom. For a bigger family or main bathroom, a triple mirror cabinet is perfect as it has plenty of storage space.


I’m looking for that something extra…

If you want that little something extra to bring to your bathroom, Bluetooth bathroom mirrors are the way to go. Connect your music device to the mirror and dance away while you’re doing your make up, or listen to relaxing nature sounds as you soak in your tub.

SANSA Sound Bluetooth Mirror, Perimeter LED

Bathroom mirrors are the perfect way to bring your dream bathroom to life. It is amazing how one item can bring so much into your space.

Choosing the right bathroom mirror can be a little overwhelming, but don’t worry SONAS Bathrooms is here to help you choose the perfect mirror.

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