Bathroom makeover ideas for your rented accommodation.

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MANY people aren’t on the so-called property ladder just yet, and maybe have no intention of getting on it at all. Plenty of people across the country are in rental accommodation - and it doesn’t mean that you have to put up with a bland bathroom you’re unhappy with. You may not be able to give the place a full on makeover but you can definitely brighten up the bathroom, even if it’s not yours. There are some small changes you can make to the place without spending a fortune. And if you do invest in some pieces, you can bring them with you if and when you move out.


First things first: speak to your landlord about the possibility of updating the bathroom. It may very well be on the agenda anyway as bathroom improvements can add value to a property and it may be overdue an upgrade. We have a range of brilliant products for amazing value, so request a catalogue and show him/her a copy. You never know unless you try!

If you are going to be making more ‘permanent’ changes to your bathroom in rental accommodation - such as painting - please make sure you ask your landlord’s permission first. You may think you’re doing them a favour by making improvements to the room, but they might see things differently. So check before you change anything, just in case. If you do get the green light to paint, this is an inexpensive way to brighten up a bathroom. You could do a feature wall or simply change the colour to something more zen and relaxing. Make sure to choose a paint that’s suitable for bathrooms. Check out a previous blog post we did on this here.

bathroom paint


We have a fabulous range of accessories that are really high quality and add a touch of class and sophistication. When your toothbrush holders matches your soap dispenser or toilet roll holder, the room looks polished and pulled together. All of our accessories are of extremely  high quality and come with a 10 year guarantee. Again, if you’re making permanent changes such as drilling holes in the wall to hang accessories, ask permission first. We also have a fabulous freestanding bathroom butler that won’t require any of that. It’s practical and stylish and you can easily bring it with you if and when you’re moving out.

Bathroom butler


Get bright towels. Add a colourful bath mat. Change the curtains or the blind. Different colours can completely change the look of a room so brightening things up or toning things down, depending on your tastes or even the season, is simple way to freshen up the look of your bathroom.

bathroom towels


Whether it’s an ornament or a picture on the wall, personalise your bathroom to suit your own taste by choosing nice decorations that will make it more your own. Whether it’s your favourite paining, a photograph or simply a vase or decorative item, adding things like this will add personality to your bathroom.

bathroom art


You probably won’t want anything that’s built in or that’ll be hard to bring with you, so changing or adding a vanity unit is unlikely something you’ll want to do. We do have additional storage options for you, however. Try one of storage units to give a glam look to your bathroom. We have loads of different colour and style options to fit in with the overall look of your room. This is not only practical, but the units add a touch of glam to your room as well.  This Belmont base unit is likely to suit any bathroom bathroom storage

Mirror, mirror...

Change the mirror. A mirror can be a really striking focal point in the room. Make yours special. You obviously can’t get rid of any existing mirrors, but you can put it away in a safe place until you’re moving out and simply put it back and take your new one with you. We have a fabulous range of mirrors - why not opt for one with built in LED lights for a bit of wow factor?

LED bathroom mirror

So there you have it: some simple changes you can make to brighten up a bathroom without a full-blown renovation. Check out our full range of fabulous products here for more inspiring ideas.