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PICKING a toilet isn’t something that should be done without thinking - you really need to figure out what will not only match your bathroom, but also your lifestyle. If you were buying a new couch or a new mattress, you would take aesthetics as well as comfort into consideration. Your loo should be no different. It might not seem like your most glamorous of purchases but you’ll be glad you put the effort in to choose the toilet that best suits your needs.

Decisions, Decisions...
  • Wall mounted or floor standing? Floor standing toilets are more traditional and are what’s in situ in the majority of Irish homes. If you’re renovating your bathroom, you’ll probably want to stick to a floor standing toilet as changing to a wall mounted one retrospectively is a pricy affair due to the change in the plumbing infrastructure. If you’re doing a new build, you can choose whichever you prefer, as long as you discuss with your plumber in advance so that he/she can put the proper systems in place.wall hung toilet
Traditional versus modern...

What style of bathroom do you have? Is it traditional? Contemporary? We have lots of different toilet styles available to tie in with your look. If sleek and minimalist are things you're looking for, a concealed cistern toilet would be ideal, for example.
concealed cistern

  • Close coupled or fully shrouded toilets differ from traditional pedestal loos in that they're flush against the wall. They look neat and are easier to clean than traditional pedestal toilets as there are fewer nooks and crannies to deal with.fully shrouded toilet
  • Speaking of cleaning, have you heard of rimless toilets? As the name suggests, these toilets are rim-free, meaning germs don't have the usual lip to hide underneath. Rimless toilets have been standard in places like hospitals for some time now due to their increased hygiene. They're now becoming increasingly popular in home settings too with a 25 year guarantee on the ceramic and a two year guarantee on the seat and cover, these will stand the test of time.rimless toilet
  • Did you know that you can choose different heights for your toilets? A comfort height toilet is ideal for someone who's tall as it's taller than an average toilet. Likewise, if you're tight for space, you can get space saving toilets, which have a shorter projection. space saving toilet
  • Environmentally conscious individuals can also choose toilets that are kinder to the environment thanks to their water conserving features. Eco flush toilets use less water per flush than standard toilets, meaning you're doing a little for the environment by choosing one. An Eco flush toilet can do the job with just 4 litres of water.

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