Eco-Friendly Bathroom Solutions by SONAS

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Stylish and Eco-Friendly Solutions for your Home

We are all more aware these days of our impact on the environment and seeking ways to have more eco-friendly solutions in our homes. Water and energy are scarce and precious recourses, so we must start re-evaluating our energy and water usage.

Bathrooms use almost 50% of all water in the house, according to research by DCU Water[i]. How can you select bathroom products that reduce consumption and contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle? Well, we're here to inspire you!

If you want an eco-friendly bathroom with environmental friendly products, you will be delighted to know that SONAS Bathrooms has plenty of products to help you reduce your water and energy consumption, without compromising on style and performance.

Eco-Friendly Basin Mixer Taps

The HAKK Basin Mixer Range, equipped with aerator to reduce flow to 5l/min.

One of the quickest fixes to reduce water consumption in the bathroom is to choose SONAS Eco Taps.

By installing our Eco basin mixer taps, you can avoid wasting half of your water in the basin.

The SONAS Eco Taps have been designed with cold start technology. This encourages use of cold water when heat is not required. Aerators in the taps also blend air with the water to reduce flow rate from 12 to 5l/min, which can save 60% of wasted water.

The SONAS Eco basin mixers include taps in 4 of our contemporary ranges: HAKK, ALITA, LUTA, and SCOPE. They come in a range of colour finishes to suit your style, including chrome, matt black and brushed gold.

You can also choose from the full range of sizes; including large free standing basin mixers and wall mounted basin mixers, and well as the space saving cloakroom basin mixer.

Thermostatic Shower Mixer

Alita Rain Thermostatic Shower kits offer style and functionality.


How Thermostatic valve work?

Have you ever been enjoying a nice warm shower when an unexpected blast of cold water makes you leap out of your skin? This can happen if a toilet is flushed while the shower is being used.  Thermostatic Shower Mixer ensures that a sudden change in water pressure, does not result in this unpleasant change in the water temperature.

SONAS Thermostatic Shower Mixers features a special cartridge that responds to fluctuations to inlet water temperature and flow rates. They work at a pre-set temperature and can react to a sudden change in temperature, thereby avoiding scalding or cold shock and enabling you to maintain a constant, safe water temperature.

How Thermostatic valve conserve water and energy?

Showers often use the highest amount of hot water in your house; heating that water accounts for a significant portion of total house energy use.

Furthermore, a standard shower consumes approximately 20 litres/min of water, so little things like waiting for water to reach the desired temperature before going into the shower, shaving, and cleaning the tub/shower area with a running shower costs 20 litres of water every minute going into the drain.

You can reduce this water wastage significantly by installing a thermostatic shower valve. They consume around 16 litres/min of water, so if you take a 5min shower, you can save up to 25 litres of water per shower and the energy to heat the same amount of hot water.

Eco-Flush Toilets

In general, about 1/3 of water used in a house goes down the toilet. However, households can make efficiency improvements if they opt for low-capacity cisterns .

It is important to mention that water displacement devices are not recommended. Older toilets would have used more than 13 litres per flush. If your toilet was installed before 2000 it will use at least 7.5 litres. Water displacement devices, such as a bottle, were recommended to reduce water consumption. The issue is that older toilets were not designed to work with a lower water flow.

Base WC range all use a flush of 3l/min

Modern technology has brought us eco-flush toilets, which have adjustable flush volumes between 2.6 to 4.5 litres. It enables you to conserve water, unlike standard toilets designed with only one flushing option. The SONAS Options for eco-friendly toilets are also endorsed by the Unified Water Label, as the flush is below 5l/min.


There are a range of styles to chose from including the new for 2024 BASE WC Range, as well as the VIA and PENA Ranges.

Energy-efficient LED Bathroom Mirror

Echo Mirrors Offer energy efficient lighting source thanks to their powered by Samsung LED's.

It is not only water that is consumed in the bathroom. Like every room in the home lights also consume energy. Bathroom lighting is particularly important around mirrors. Your choice of lighting can help reduce your energy consumption if you choose LED lights.

SONAS bathroom mirrors with lights use LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs which are more energy-efficient, saving up to 80% energy. They are designed to last for 50,000 hours of usage.

SONAS eco-friendly mirrors are available in various shapes and sizes, so finding a mirror with lights that fit your room should be much easier. Illuminated bathroom mirrors provide perfect lighting for your bathroom ritual and give the illusion of more space.


In Conclusion, there are many ways you can make your bathroom more eco-friendly without affecting design aesthetic or budget. SONAS eco-friendly solutions provide you with a more sustainable options and allow you to save money and reduce waste in your modern bathroom design.