6 great ways bring Scandi-style into your bathroom

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SCANDI style is really on trend, but better again, it's unlikely to date any time soon thanks to its simplistic nature and use of classic materials such as wood and bright white colours. A Scandi style bathroom that incorporates design concepts such as Hygge (pronounced hooga) will turn your bathroom into an indoor oasis of calm and luxury, elevating it to one of the most impressive rooms of the house instead of being just a functional afterthought. Here we take a look at how you can create a Scandi-style sanctuary in your home.

1. White white everywhere. White tiles, white panelling, white paint. However you decide to decorate your walls, bright white is a signature of Scandi style. It's clean, it's fresh and it's bright, so it works well with all sorts of light - after all, the concept is with the dark Scandinavian winters in mind! An all white room is also fantastic for relaxation.


2. A freestanding bath. Whether you prefer a more classic look such as the claw-footed Countess (€770) or a more modern freestanding such as the Fairmount (€1650) or Sheraton (€1290), the curved beauty of a freestanding bath marries well with the pared back style of Scandinavian design. They're luxurious, they're soft, they're beautiful. Just what a Scandi-style bathroom needs.


3. Scandi-style often has an industrial feel to it. You can add a touch of this by installing a Tyford Moda basin with shelf (€220) which comes on either the left or right hand side, according to your preference. Both the shape and the colour will definitely blend in well to create a show-stopping bathroom.

tyford basin

4. A splash of decorative colour and elegance. Whether that means choosing ornate tiles for the floor, installing a light fixture that has wow factor, Scandi-style may be simple and clean but it never fails to deliver a stand-out feature for a splash of colour or texture. Or you could introduce wood in the form of a luxurious vanity unit such as our Trend 80cm Vanity Unit and Toledo wash basin in walnut. (€770).


5. Something quirky. An interesting piece of art, an unusual chair. Put something in your bathroom that makes a bold statement. Something unique and lovely will give your bathroom its own personality and flair.

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6. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise. At the heart of Scandi style is a concept called hygge - which is all about comfort and warmth in your surroundings. Add hygge to your bathroom with fluffy towels, a deep, plush bath mat, candles and soft music to enjoy in the bath. Hygge is a way of life that Scandinavians embrace. Is this why they're considered the happiest bunch of people in the world? Try it and see…

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