SO, let's get planning!

At SONAS, we believe your bathroom is a sanctuary;
a personal space to relax and explore your true self. Your bathroom journey should reflect your creativity and personality. Your bathroom should capture your individuality and provide an intimate space for you to settle back and unwind in. To help you get started, we’ve developed a 5-step plan to help you create your perfect bathroom. Follow our guide and take the first steps on your personalised journey.

Planning Your Bathroom

Inspiration for your Bathroom

1. Space

The most fundamental aspect to consider when renovating or designing your bathroom is your space. Your optimal design layout should be easy to use and functional. Ensure all your needs are catered for. Consider ergonomics as part of your design and make sure the layout works for you. Try to think beyond your current needs to imagine what your future requirements may be. Planning your space now will give you total comfort tomorrow.

2 Inspiration

Remember, this is your bathroom and it should reflect who you are. What’s your style? Are you looking to create a contemporary, or modern design, or are you searching for something timeless? Once you’ve decided, start to visualise how you’d like your bathroom to look and how you want it to feel. Seek inspiration from our Instagram and social media channels. Explore interior design magazines & websites. Download our brochure for helpful design ideas. Imagine your dream bathroom and we can make it a reality.

3 Colour

Colour projects meaning and displays your frame of mind. Choosing the best combination of colours in your bathroom can bring together a variety of emotions such as happiness, calmness, intimacy, comfort, boldness or excitement. Different colours evoke different feelings and your choice of colour is based on your desired feeling. This is especially true for your bathroom and what you want to feel from this space. We have a wide range of colours throughout our product range that will awaken your creative self and reflect your personality. Bring your bathroom to life with tones and shades that speak for you.

Colour Planning Your Bathroom

Installation Planning Your Bathroom

4 Installation

No two bathrooms are the same and on-site conditions can vary. We recommend that you use an experienced and qualified professional to install your bathroom. Your qualified installer will provide the technical and practical advice needed. We have a nationwide retailer network who can assist you. We’ll help to find the right installer so you can create your perfect bathroom

5 Budget

Deciding on your budget in advance will help you in choosing a bathroom that works for you. This should also include a contingency for unforeseen issues, or last-minute changes. Having a professional installer survey your project before you commence can mitigate against any surprises. SONAS provide superior bathroom products at a reasonable price. Our range is versatile, high-quality and caters for all budgets.

Budget Planning Your Bathroom

Planning Your Bathroom SONAS Logo


At SONAS, we know that creating your perfect bathroom can be challenging. There are many choices for you to consider and decisions you need to make. That’s why we’ve developed a buying guide at the start of each product section. Taken one step at a time, this is a simple breakdown to help you find your perfect bathroom fit. SO, let’s get started!

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