Size matters: tips for your small bathroom

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WE LOVE answering your questions here at SONAS Bathrooms and one of the ones that crops up regularly is how to make the most of your small bathroom. So whether you've got a compact main bathroom but still want to fit in a bath for the kids and for relaxation purposes, or if your downstairs loo or en-suite could use an upgrade, we've got some tips on utilising your space wisely.


A standard pedestal toilet comes out about 650mm from the wall, but we've got some space saving alternatives that are perfect if you haven't got much room to work with. Our Sedef Close Coupled Toilet - which has a soft close seat - measures at 600mm. If you need to go even smaller again, the E200 Space Saver wall hung toilet from Twyford is the one for you, as it measures just 480mm.

twyford space saving

Space Saving Basins:

We've got plenty of options when it comes to picking a basin as well - choose from counter top, hand rinse basins or basins in built into slimline vanity units, giving you storage solutions as well. The Twyford Moda basin with shelf - which comes in the left or right hand side - is also great for small spaces. It's wall mounted, so it gives you extra floor space, while the shelf provides room for your bits and bobs.

twyford moda

Space-saving vanity units:

You don't have to miss out on stylish furniture just because you're short on space. Bathroom furniture is more popular than ever before. It not only looks good, but it's practical too as it'll provide you with valuable storage space. You can get fantastic furniture especially created for smaller spaces such as the Cairo 50cm Vanity Unit for €435. Placing your vanity unit in a corner will also maximise your space. We love the E200 500 Corner Vanity Unit, which is wall hung, saving on floor space as well.

corner unit

Combination units:

Did you know you could get your toilet and vanity unit in one, and that you can configure it to suit the size and shape of your bathroom? We love the Cairo Walnut Combo, currently on special offer for €849. The two drawer, 60cm vanity unit comes with a basin and back to wall toilet and Cistern,  a Poole Basin Mixer and Waste. With a 390mm projection, it's absolutely ideal for small spaces.

cairo walnut

Mirrors, lights and colour and accessories:

Mirrors can create the illusion of space. Choose a nice large mirror and play around with light in your bathroom. You could add additional storage to your small bathroom with a mirrored cabinet to hold toiletries and other essentials. We love the Ella 60 Mirror Cabinet and light in Anthracite. Use your accessories wisely too. Instead of having a radiator and a towel rail, why not install a heated towel rail instead? We've got some fab ones here.

mirror cabinet


A small bathroom doesn't mean you can't have a bath. We have various sizes available, as small as 1600 x 700, and you also have the option of a corner bath such as the Ambassador 1400x1400 Corner Bath & Bath Panel, which will further save on space. You could also install a shower above your bath if you don't have room for both.

corner bath

Whatever size your bathroom is, check out for ideas, inspiration, our full product catalogue and luxurious bathrooms for less.