New Shower Toilet Saves Time & Water

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PEEING in the shower will no longer be taboo thanks to our  brand new environmentally friendly product being launched today.

Our new Conservaloo Shower is aimed at environmentally conscious people who want to save water as well as speed up their daily routines.

Our recent survey of 3000 people found that 75% of Irish men secretly pee in the shower - something they said they’d never admit to publicly or to their partners.

Now this new product - which was developed at our headquarters in Dublin 15 - will allow them to hygienically pee whilst having a wash, saving water and time.

SONAS Bathrooms CEO Dermot Usher, said: “We’ve been working really hard on getting this right for the past number of months and are delighted with how the Conservaloo Showers have worked out. We’ve had members of the team testing out the prototypes at home and they said they’ve really made a difference to the overall harmony of the home.”

“We’ve found out that this product shaves about five minutes per day off a man’s daily routine because they can simply hop out of bed and straight into the shower. There’s no messing around lifting up toilet seats and putting them back down either - so we’ve been told it even saves a lot of arguments about that contentious issue as well.”

The Conservaloo not only saves time, but it also saves water. The average Irish toilet uses 6 litres of water per flush so that’s 42 litres of water per week if just one person in the household uses to Conservaloo once a day, as water from the shower rinses it afterwards.

Anecdotally, the Conservaloo will also save on cleaning products, as it means fewer splashes on the toilet seat, floor and around the toilet pedestal.

One Irish woman, who’s had the Conservaloo installed in her home for the past four months, told us: “I have two teenage boys and a husband  who use this and I can’t tell you how much I love this product. To be honest, I had a feeling the were peeing in the shower anyway so the fact they can no do so in a way that’s not disgusting is brilliant.”

She added: “It’s saving time in the morning and there’s way less mess in the toilet too. I have to worry less about their bad aim, which is great.”

The Conservaloo is available from all SONAS Bathrooms retailers from April 1st and retails at €499. Check out our website