Five Bathroom Storage Ideas to Avoid Clutter

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5 Bathroom Storage Ideas to Avoid Clutter 

More than 55% of homeowners face the challenge of inadequate bathroom storage, according to the SONAS Big Bathroom Survey. It's no surprise that with this overwhelming statistic, people are actively seeking solutions to declutter and optimise their bathroom space.

Additionally, the surge in Pinterest searches for space-saving storage indicates a growing demand for both functionality and style in bathrooms.

If you're struggling with limited storage or simply want to enhance your bathroom's organization, we have the solutions for you.

Read on to see our Top 5 Bathroom Storage Ideas to help you achieve a clutter-free and stylish bathroom.


Vanity Units:

Elevate your bathroom design with vanity units, which serve as both stylish and functional pieces. Consider options like the FJORD, which cleverly conceals a second internal drawer for personal items, adding to its practicality.

Opt for wall-hung units to maximise floor space, and remember, larger units offer increased storage capacity.


Storage Wall Columns:

Perfect for bathrooms with limited floor space, storage wall columns provide vertical storage solutions to maximise your storage potential. SONAS' sleek columns are available in nature-inspired colors, effortlessly coordinating with other elements in your bathroom design, including bathroom wall storage options.

Furthermore, consider doubling up with a pair of columns to further enhance your storage capacity, ensuring all your bathroom essentials have their designated place. This approach is especially beneficial if you're looking to incorporate other tall bathroom storage cabinets or create a cohesive bathroom storage wall.


Mirror Cabinets:

Blend elegance with practicality by choosing mirror cabinets for your bathroom. These cabinets feature built-in shelves or compartments behind the reflective surface, providing discreet storage for small items while retaining a sleek appearance.

Moreover, consider exploring options like the SANSA illuminated cabinets, which boast additional features such as heated demister pads and integrated LED lighting. These features elevate both functionality and style in your bathroom space, ensuring a luxurious and efficient experience.


Bathroom Accessories:

Upgrade your bathroom organisation effortlessly with SONAS' extensive range of bathroom accessories. From towel rails to shower baskets, these fixtures guarantee everything finds its place, enhancing convenience and efficiency in your daily routine.

Additionally, with options available in various finishes like brushed gold and brushed nickel, these accessories seamlessly infuse your space with elegance.

This merging of functionality with style creates a cohesive bathroom aesthetic that enhances the overall ambiance.



Shower Niche:

Consider the Shower Niche as a clever solution for your bathroom storage needs. By incorporating built-in shelves or niches into your shower or bath area, you can achieve convenient storage without cluttering the space with bulky caddies.

This seamless integration not only creates a clutter-free shower experience but also enhances both functionality and aesthetics.

Moreover, don't forget to specify these niche designs during the planning phase of your new bathroom for maximum efficiency and a tailored space.


Bathroom Storage Ideas

With these innovative storage solutions, you can transform your bathroom into a clutter-free oasis without compromising on style. Explore SONAS Bathrooms' range of products and elevate your bathroom experience today.

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