Creating the perfect guest bathroom.

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IT'S that time of year where you probably have a stream of visitors coming to your house. Whether it's your in-laws, your own parents or grown up children, or maybe you're going all out and hosting the whole family for Christmas. Making sure the house is clean and everything is ready for them can be stressful. And whatever about hiding mess in rooms you know they won't be in, you won't get away with a bathroom that isn't up to scratch.  Here we've put together some tips to ensure you have the perfect guest bathroom.

Whipping your guest bathroom into shape:

  • First things first, you'll have to make sure your bathroom is spick and span. Nobody likes showering or bathing in a dirty bathroom, and let's not go there with other people's dirty toilets. Give it a good deep clean, making sure everything from the plug holes to the taps and the toilet are spick and span.

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  • If you're providing your guest with their own en-suite, get rid of your own clutter from there. Bin any stuff you don't use and store the rest in a basket that you can put in your own room until your guests leave.
  • Make sure your toilet brush is clean and that you have air freshener or a scented candle in their in case your guests need to freshen up the facilities.
  • Have your fluffy guest towels at the ready. Leave them somewhere obvious so they don't have to go looking for them. Give them a good supply so they don't have to search in the hot press when they need another. Provide a clean facecloth and a new loofa or shower pouff in its packet so they know it hasn't been used.

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  • Leave some nice shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in the shower, or some sachets of bubble bath in a little basket by the bath. Provide a new toothbrush and some toothpaste in case they've forgotten their own.
  • Always have plenty of spare toilet paper to hand - you don't want them running out.

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