Beautiful Basins & How to Choose Yours

Categories: Bathrooms

Who knew you'd have so many options for hand basins? It's like everything - unless you're actually in the market for one, you probably don't realise how much choice there is. Here, we'll run through your various options to make choosing the perfect one for you easier.

  1. A countertop basin does exactly as you'd expect - it sits directly on your bathroom unit or shelf. This look is sophisticated and stylish in any bathroom and it adds a touch of luxury to your room. We have a wide range of countertop basins, in various shapes and sizes. Our oval Caspia countertop featured on Room to Improve earlier this year. The one below is a Caspia ring. 
  2. Traditional pedestal basins. These are great for bathrooms that are going for a more traditional vibe or even for something with a vintage twist. Perfect for a room with a gorgeous freestanding claw foot bath such as our Viceroy or Duchess, traditional pedestal basins are classic and won't go out of style. They'd also be lovely in a shabby chic style bathroom or something with a Victorian edge. Think gorgeous wood panelling and soft colours, like with the Cambridge basin below, and this beauty would fit right in to create a lovely, calming space. 
  3. Wall mounted basins such as the Twyford Moda below are ultra modern and give a real sleek look to your bathroom. The fact that the basins hang from the wall as opposed to floor standing creates more space and makes for easier cleaning. Wall mounted basins look fab in contemporary spaces. 
  4. An undermounted basin sits below the countertop, again creating a minimalist, clean look. It allows your bathroom furniture to take centre stage and is also handy for keeping things clean as any water spillages can be wiped directly into the basin.
  5. Semi-recessed basins are fabulous for a contemporary bathroom style. They're also practical as they allow for plenty of countertop space for your bits and bobs, and they're also easily accessed as the lip of the basin comes out beyond the countertop. This makes it great for family bathrooms as little children can wash their hands more easily without making a mess. And what's not to love about that?!
  6. Corner basins. If you're tight on space, a corner basin is definitely something you should be looking at. They're perfect for cloakrooms, en-suites or compact downstairs loos. The shape of the basins mean that they fit snugly into a corner, which means they have a smaller footprint than other basins. Your basin can come on a pedestal or we also have fabulous vanity units to hold them. We also have a variety of short projection basins which are ideal for small spaces too. Check out our full range of beautiful basins here or call into our showroom in Dublin 15 to see them in the flesh. We also have a huge number of retailers nationwide who stock SONAS Bathrooms products.