Bathing in the Animal Kingdom

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Bathing in the Animal Kingdom

WHETHER you're into baths or showers, chances are you've got your own daily cleaning ritual to make sure you're fresh at the beginning of your day.  You might be into shower gel or soap, loofas or face cloths - but you've got loads of different toiletries - and of course a multitude of wonderful SONAS Bathroom products - at your disposal to make cleaning and grooming easy and hassle-free.

Animals, on the other hand, have to make do with whatever nature gave them - whether it's a big puddle from a rain shower or their own tongues.

So how do animals keep themselves squeaky clean?

Bathing in the Animal Kingdom cat licking paw
Our feline friends - big and small - use their own tongues to keep themselves clean.  Whether it's licking their body parts directly or licking their feet and then using the moisture from their saliva to clean those harder to reach areas, cats definitely have the art of grooming themselves with their tongues nailed down. They need to watch out for those pesky fur balls though.

Dogs and other canine creatures such as wolves also use their tongues for cleaning themselves and their pups.  But they've got other methods that keep their coats in tip top shape as well - they roll in grass to clean and dry themselves, they scratch themselves to get rid of any dirt or fleas and they shake themselves to dry off.

Dust baths are the done thing for animals such as rabbits and squirrels. They find a patch of dry dirt or sand, lie down in it and roll around, kicking their legs. They then jump off and shake themselves off and this apparently helps them get rid of any parasites.

chicken dust bath

Birds, such as chickens also take dust baths and preen their feathers afterwards to stimulate the oil gland under their feathers and this waterproofs them and prevents them from getting dry skin. They spread the oil over their bodies using their beaks.  Built in moisturiser would certainly be handy in comparison to all the creams and potions we have to use!

Elephants love baths and have a built in power shower as they use their trunks like a hose to spray water across their enormous bodies. They also love rolling around in the mud and dust to protect their skin from parasites.

We might think of them as filthy but flies actually spend a lot of the day cleaning their entire bodies.  You might have noticed them sitting still and frantically rubbing their legs together - that's them cleaning themselves. They run their legs all over their bodies, heads and wings to remove dirt.

Giraffes apparently don't bath at all. Word in the jungle is that these creatures have never been observed bathing.  Maybe having that long neck keeps their noses far enough away from any offending smells for them to be bothered….

Bathing in the Animal Kingdom giraffe